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Status: under construction

Bigger, brighter and more modern. The City-Passage has been integrated as shopping location in Bielefeld's city center since 1977 and connects the city's central shopping malls. As part of a major refurbishment project, it is now converted into a modern and attractive shopping center, with approx. 110 shops on a sales area of 26,000 m². Along with the new design, the shopping center will be given a new name: Loom Bielefeld.

Showpiece of the 135-million-euros project will be an elliptical plaza covered by an impressive glass dome. A 26-meter express escalator will be a comfortable transport connection from ground floor to the food court and the parking decks. Looking up from the escalator gives visitors an imposing spacial experience below the glass dome.

Important facts

  • 26,000 sqm sales area
  • 110 shops
  • 1,456,619 inhabitants in the total catchment area
  • Anchor tenants: PRIMARK
Feilenstraße 5-7
33602 Bielefeld
Center Manager:
Michael Latz
Leasing Manager:
Sven Schwotzer
Frank Willer

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Opening date: 10/26/2017
Management takeover: 11/01/2011

Property data

Sales area: 26,000 sqm
Investment volume: 135 million euros
Number of shops: 110
Sales levels: 4
Parking spaces: 550

Catchment area *

Core catchment area < 5 min. 57,652
Nearby catchment area 5-15 min. 232,261
Wider catchment area 15-30 min. 568,092
Extended catchment area 30-45 min. 598,614
Total catchment area 1,456,619
* Inhabitants in the catchment area