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Status: in operation

The central station is an attractive meeting point for shopping and entertainment. Vienna's new central station is not only a traffic hub but a city within the city. BahnhofCity is an urban center for shopping, services, gastronomy, hotels and offices, with an extraordinary shopping center in the station hall and below the track system.

The modern architecture is functional. At the same time, high-quality materials and a tailor-made branch mixture ensure a great atmosphere. BahnhofCity invites its visitors to stay, shop, and stroll.

Important facts

  • 20,000 sqm sales area
  • 90 shops
  • 81,548 visitors in the shopping center per day on average
  • 2,762,404 inhabitants in the total catchment area

BahnhofCity Wien Hauptbahnhof

Am Hauptbahnhof 1
1100 Wien
Center Manager:
Ulrich Mörzinger
Leasing Manager:
Michael Male

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Groundbreaking ceremony: 06/12/2009
Opening date: 10/10/2014
Management takeover: 10/10/2014

Property data

Sales area: 20,000 sqm
Investment volume: 148 million euros
Number of shops: 90
Sales levels: 2
Footfall per day (on average): 81,548
Parking spaces: 600
Bicycle parking spaces: 1,000
Jobs in operation: 600

Catchment area *

Core catchment area < 5 min. 176,748
Nearby catchment area 5-15 min. 1,432,116
Wider catchment area 15-30 min. 639,389
Extended catchment area 30-45 min. 365,852
Extended plus catchment area > 45 min. 148,299
Total catchment area 2,762,404
* Inhabitants in the catchment area