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Status: in operation

Rathaus-Galerie Leverkusen, situated in an outstanding location in downtown Leverkusen's pedestrian area, is the largest shopping center in the city. It offers a wide variety of specialized stores, food, and services. A distinctive special feature of Rathaus-Galerie is the glass rotunda that houses the town hall, community center and main public library above the three-story storefronts.

Important facts

  • 22,600 sqm sales area
  • 120 shops
  • 27,560 visitors in the shopping center per day on average
  • 633,307 inhabitants in the total catchment area
Friedrich-Ebert-Platz 2
51373 Leverkusen
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Center Manager:
Gregory Hedderich
Leasing Manager:
Karsten Thomas Berger
Calogero Urso

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Laying of the foundation stone: 06/12/2008
Topping out ceremony: 05/19/2009
Opening date: 02/24/2010

Property data

Sales area: 22,600 sqm
Office space: 5,100 sqm
Investment volume: 200 million euros
Number of shops: 120
Sales levels: 3
Footfall per day (on average): 27,560
Parking spaces: 500
Bicycle parking spaces: 60
Jobs in operation: 950

Catchment area *

Core catchment area < 5 min. 28,059
Nearby catchment area 5-15 min. 243,482
Wider catchment area 15-30 min. 340,453
Extended catchment area 30-45 min. 21,313
Total catchment area 633,307
* Inhabitants in the catchment area