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Status: in operation

The Alstertal-Einkaufszentrum in Hamburg is one of Europe's finest shopping locations. The visitor is welcomed by an attractive environment with piazza, gastronomy, water and green spaces. Behind the impressive entrance portal with its bright glass and sandstone facade, which is effectively illuminated at night, the visitor experiences top-class shopping entertainment.

There is a diversified branch mixture on three floors. Among others, internationally renowned fashion retailers and boutiques present the most recent fashion trends. Moreover, restaurants and a gourmet market hall offer fresh food and dishes every day.

Important facts

  • 59,000 sqm sales area
  • 240 shops
  • 36,485 visitors in the shopping center per day on average
  • 816,742 inhabitants in the total catchment area
Kritenbarg 4
22391 Hamburg
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Center Manager:
Ludmila Brendel
Leasing Manager:
Birgit Gevert
Ann-Mari von Rantzau

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Opening date: 11/05/1970

Property data

Sales area: 59,000 sqm
Office space: 2,550 sqm
Number of shops: 240
Sales levels: 3
Footfall per day (on average): 36,485
Parking spaces: 3,000
Bicycle parking spaces: 500
Jobs in operation: 2,300

Catchment area *

Core catchment area < 5 min. 36,286
Nearby catchment area 5-15 min. 144,701
Wider catchment area 15-30 min. 540,982
Extended catchment area 30-45 min. 94,773
Total catchment area 816,742
* Inhabitants in the catchment area