ECE has been developing, planning, building, leasing and managing shopping centers since 1965. With a total of 196 shopping centers under management, the company is the European market leader in the shopping center segment. Each center is a highly komplex and unique project with:

  • its tailored architectural design ranging from historically oriented to futuristic, developed by experienced ECE architects and construction engineers, as well as cooperation with star architects like Professor Dr. Gunter Henn or Renzo Piano,
  • the sensitive and unique way it is integrated in the city centre environment and takes full account of local interests and the existing local setting
  • and specifically tailored branch and tenant mix, which complements the retail range offerd by the city center.

Retail Know-How

Success against the trend: ECE looks after its tenants.

Information at the point of sale

In shopping centers, flatscreens offer an attractive mix of news, entertainment and suitable product advertisement - at the same time increasing sales and dwelling time inside the shops.

Support for startup entrepreneurs

Local retailers give the centers their very own charm and create a bond with the surrounding region, that small and medium-sized businesses profit from.

Service for Retailers

Startup retailers or established chain outlets - what we do for our tenants?

New Stimuli for cities

Our inner city shopping centers provide important stimuli for civic development and the retail trade.