Increasing investment requirements and insufficient public funding - this has become a standard scenario for many operators of large-scale transport projects. Leipzig central station, a model project for railway station revitalisation, was refurbished and modernised at a cost of more than Euro 200 million, all of which came from private investors. This was followed by the central stations in Cologne and Hanover. Today, all three stations lead the popularity rankings among rail travellers in Germany. ECE can draw on a wide range of experience and expertise in this field:

  • Development and conversion of three major railway stations into modern transport thoroughfares (total investment volume approx. Euro 400 million); leasing and long-term management of same
  • New stations are also "identification symbols" for their home cities and the Deutsche Bahn rail company as well as attractive and safe transport thoroughfares for travellers
  • Superb architectural design and efficient management generate additional earnings for owners

Additionally ECE develops alternative shopping, catering and service areas for large passenger airports, as in Frankfurt a. M., to optimise the non-aviation profits. Another subject of activity is the development of novel marketing concepts for the automobile industry ants sales sector, for example the BMW worlds in Munich.

Please see our project descriptions for more detailed information on completed transport projects and the relevant data on shop and office premises. You can access the project descriptions through the List of projects.