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22391 Hamburg
Telephone: (+49 40) -60 60 60

Would you like to know more about ECE and the services we provide?

  • If you click on Downloads, you will find a selection of our brochures in PDF format. We would of course also be glad to send you original copies of these brochures and other information material on request.

If you have any other questions or would like to contact us in person, the specialists in the various departments will be more than happy to be of assistance.


  • If you are an investor or owner and would like to enquire about our services in the field of shopping centers, please contact our management services department.

Shop leasing

  • Would you like to rent retail space in on of our centers? The shop hotline is the point of contact for all retailers - from startup shops to international chain outlets - who would like to find out more about our "lively marketplaces" or who are interested in a specific location.


  • If you are interested in investing in retail, office or large-scale estates, please contact our specialists at ECE, who offer a comprehensive range of services - from the original project idea all the way through to day-to-day management of the completed property. You can find them via the Investores-Hotline.

Traffic project

  • Our traffic hotline can tell you everything you want to know about railway stations and airports.

Industrial properties

  • If you are interested in our services in the field of logistics and fair trade centres, please contact our logistics hotline.

Office properties

  • Wide-ranging information on the development of office buildings is available via our office hotline.

Office leasing

  • The office leasing hotline is the port of call for details of our attractive portfolio of modern city centre service properties.

City Service

  • The city hotline provides local and civic politicians, civic planners and other people interested in the topic of "cities" with information on the expertise of ECE in areas such as civic development, inner city revitalisation and architecture.


  • The press hotline is our "direct line" for journalists and other representatives of the media and features updated information, statements and photos. You can access the latest press reports under News; dates and details of upcoming events are available under Dates.

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