Our objective: thinking and acting sustainably − from the planning process to operation

As the market leader in the shopping center business, ECE is in the focus of public attention and feels obliged to take responsibility for future generations. By setting high standards when planning, developing, and operating our properties ECE has shown that sustainability constitutes a major aspect. Sustainability has always been one of our top priorities, which is reflected in the quality requirements for the development and building of our projects as well as in our long-term commitment to a property.

We are convinced that if we address the social and environmental challenges we will be able to remain successful in the long term. We take a holistic view of sustainability, i.e. we firmly integrate the social, environmental and economic dimensions into our day-to-day operations.

Examples of ecological sustainability:

  • Good connection to public transport as a decisive criterion for any location
  • Surface recycling instead of further surface sealing
  • Changes of use without waste-intensive conversions by means of flexible building structures
  • Optimal construction site logistics
  • Responsible use of resources more

Examples of social sustainability:


  • Barrier-free and convenient shopping for all age-groups, families, singles and physically challenged people
  • Commitment of the center manager in the city management
  • Use of the center as a market place for charitable purposes


  • Performance Dialogue plays a key role in the new corporate culture
  • Development of measures to improve the reconciliation of family and work
  • Different work models: part-time, job sharing, home office
  • Equal opportunities
  • berufundfamilie certificate

Social commitment:

ECE founder Prof. Dr. h. c. Werner Otto always shared his entrepreneurial success with society and all his life he committed himself to charitable causes and funded a number of social projects for the common good. ECE continues to be committed to this tradition. ECE is engaged in wide-ranging activities ranging from social projects, environmental protection, education, science, culture, and sports. more

Examples for economical sustainability:

  • Special economic trend for tenants
  • Shopping centers are always completely rented
  • Successful refurbishment of aged properties
  • Satisfied investors
  • Continuing growth of ECE



Title Sustainability Report