"Making better use of our data" (ECE Retail Newsletter February 2018)

Steffen Eric Friedlein, Managing Director Leasing since January 1, on new technologies and adventures in the African bush

In view of the current leasing market, how optimistic or pessimistic were you feeling when you started in your new role?

With all due respect for the challenges faced by the retail sector: I do not see much point in pessimism. Naturally, there is some intensive discussion about conditions, since some of our partners also need to adapt to changed market conditions – but that was also the case from time to time in the past. The important thing is to work together with our tenants to develop viable concepts for the future and to meet the changing demands of our customers... continue

„Leasing meeting in flip-flops“ (ECE Retail Newsletter December 2017)

Managing Director Leasing Klaus Striebich about crazy meetings with customers, clunky cell phones, and the future of retail

After 25 years at ECE, you hand over the Managing Director’s reins to your successor. Would you dare a look back at your career with ECE so far?

I fear I might just have to write a book. It’s almost impossible to sum up this time in a few sentences, as there have been so many wonderful experiences, stories, successes and developments.

Now you made us curious. Can you share a few anecdotes with us? continue