Real Estate Brand Award 2017: ECE wins two awards

ECE strongest brand in the categories “Property Manager Deutschland” and “Real Estate Developers Retail Europe”

Double success for ECE as a brand: At the Real Estate Brand Award 2017 gala on Friday evening in Berlin, the company took home two awards as strongest brand in the real estate industry: ECE won the prizes in the categories of “Property Manager Deutschland” and “Real Estate Developer Retail Europe.” Both awards showcase the performance of ECE’s brand positioning and its sustainable strategy for brand management – both as a developer and as a portfolio manager.

The awards are the result of the Real Estate Brand Value Study, Europe’s largest study of its kind, for which the European Real Estate Brand Institute evaluates approximately 1,200 real estate brands in 26 segments and asset classes annually and analyzed a survey of more than 26,000 industry experts for the brand management of companies, projects, and locations. This way, the institute analyzes the positioning of the brands in the competitive environment using established metrics and benchmark-enabled performance indicators. These can be used to determine and compare the brand value of the companies surveyed. The Real Estate Brand Awards have been presented since 2009 and are being carried out for the first time under the auspices of the Real Estate Brand Club in cooperation with the German Property Federation (Zentraler Immobilien Ausschuss, ZIA).

“We are very pleased that ECE has received these special recognitions as one of the strongest brands in the real estate industry,” said Joanna Fisher, ECE’s Managing Director Center Management at the awards ceremony at Axica in Berlin. “These two awards for ECE show that we have successfully established and consistently strengthened ECE as a valuable brand with our sustainable, customer-oriented, high-quality services, and strong brand management.”

“We are particularly delighted that we received prizes in both the Real Estate Developer Retail Europe category as well as the Property Manager Deutschland category and we are thus seen as a strong brand in both areas,” said Henrie W. Kötter, Chief Investment Officer at ECE. “In our opinion, it’s particularly the combination of operator and developer competency that is key to sustainable value creation through real estate that generates lasting enthusiasm among the consumers, tenants, and investors.”

In its day-to-day work, ECE is guided by a series of values that shape its character and brand image, that are intended to support a unique positioning in the market, and that result first and foremost from the company’s tradition – from partnership-based to creative, from sustainable to service-oriented. The brand positioning also includes, in particular, the representation of the broad range of services that ECE has to offer under a single brand and making it recognizable to the outside world. In order to support this clear brand positioning, ECE has also established a visually unified brand image and recently refined the core elements of its corporate identity. This includes, among other things, new elements in the brand communication that are conferring the ECE brand with additional attributes – for example, the sub-brand “Ideas to Innovations”, under which ECE is pooling its innovations and product developments and communicating them to its target groups.