ECE receives three prizes at ICSC Solal Marketing Awards

ECE was honored with three Silver Awards at the Solal Marketing Awards of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) in Vienna. The marketing concept of new “Foodtopia” at MyZeil Frankfurt was awarded in the “Business to Business” category, MaviBahce shopping center in Izmir, Turkey, convinced the jury with its promotional campaign “Feast on the Sky”. The third award was given to “Árkád Budapest” in Hungary for using a Facebook chatbot to communicate with customers.

“We are very happy to receive these three awards. Once again, ECE has demonstrated that it can thrill customers with innovative concepts and come up with new ways of serving them,” said Dr. Philipp Sepehr, Director Marketing, Research & Innovation. “This is exactly what drives us on – providing a premium shopping experience with perfect services, upscale entertainment, and a link to the digital world.”

The Solal Marketing Awards were presented during the ICSC European Marketing Conference on June 7 and 8 in Vienna. 221 applications were submitted, 119 made it to the final round. The ICSC Solal Marketing Awards are a benchmark for creative excellence in the industry across Europe and South Africa.

The marketing concept of the new “Foodtopia” food court at MyZeil Frankfurt was honored by the jury mainly for its brilliant and unique presentation at a B2B event. 200 F&B retailers and restaurant operators had an exclusive insight to the project during an event in November 2016 which featured representatives of ECE and Food Expert Jonathan Doughty, Head of EMEA Foodservice Consulting at JLL. Among others, the space for “Foodtopia” had been lavishly designed in the new look and feel of the new dining destination in Frankfurt. The attending guests could also immerse virtually into the new food and entertainment world using VR goggles. The marketing mix was complemented by a microsite and a 32-page marketing brochure, which was designed as a lifestyle magazine.

The MaviBahce shopping center in Izmir, Turkey, received its award in the “Sales Activation” category for its promotional event “Feast on the Sky”, in which 200 customers enjoyed an exciting dining experience: At nine events they were served premium food and beverages by cooks of different MaviBahce restaurants at a table suspended 55 meters above ground. The event was shared in social networks and covered by 160 different media generating a far reach. In addition the number of Facebook fans of the Turkish shopping center increased by 18,000.

Árkád Budapest was awarded in the “Emerging Technology” category for the first ever use of a Facebook chatbot in Hungary. Chatbots are programs that can communicate with users automatically. The center has been using this technology in customer communication as an additional service since October 2016 and is therefore available for questions and information 24/7. More than 10,000 customers have used the digital service since its introduction. In addition, the chatbot is another direct communications channel for Árkád Budapest as it can provide any information to its followers free of charge.