Rhein-Galerie Ludwigshafen: ECE and Union Investment launch large-scale refurbishment

The center will be enhanced to become an attractive shopping and leisure destination on the Rhine

Union Investment and ECE prepare Rhein-Galerie Ludwigshafen for the future. Union Investment, the owner of the property, will invest more than 10 million euros to enhance and redevelop the center and make it a unique shopping destination that strongly focuses on its exclusive location on the banks of the Rhine. In the course of the comprehensive refurbishment, large parts of Rhein-Galerie will be redesigned, optimized, and additional services added. The investment includes a large-scale mall refurbishment, a significant redesign and the revamping of the food court, the terrace, and the makeover of the outer facade for better recognition and visibility.

In addition, the surroundings of the center, which is situated directly at the promenade on the banks of the Rhine, will be considerably enhanced and prepared for a more frequent use by integrating the surrounding urban area into the overall concept of an attractive shopping and leisure destination: For this purpose, new restaurant pavilions will be built on Platz der Deutschen Einheit in front of Rhein-Galerie in coordination with the City of Ludwigshafen to revive the area with urban flair and to extend the reach of the center into the surrounding area. The pavilions will be constructed in a light and modern design with atmospheric lighting at night. They will accommodate a variety of food services to turn the so far rather rarely frequented banks of the Rhine into a popular meeting point, especially in the evening. The refurbished center, the under-construction hotel nearby, and the planned docks on the Rhine will become partof an attractive “shopping harbor”: A trendy Moxy Hotel of Marriott Group is currently being built opposite Platz der Deutschen Einheit, which has been slated for opening in mid-September. Two docks for river cruise ships are planned in front of Rhein-Galerie on the waterside. The first will be operational in September, the second is in planning.

The building projects will be conducted in a step-by-step manner: The modernization of terrace started at the beginning of this year and the new design is already showing. It will be completed by fall. The next step will be the makeover of the food court which will start in mid-July. This will be followed by works on the mall, the outer facade, and the surrounding area. The entire project has been scheduled for completion in spring 2020.

“The enhancement and refurbishment of Rhein-Galerie is currently one of the most complex development projects in our center portfolio,” says Lars Richter, Head of Asset Management Retail at Union Investment Real Estate GmbH. “By modernizing and enhancing the entire area, we invest into the value of the asset and the future of the center.”

“Our common goal is to use the premium architecture of the center, the ideal location on the banks of the Rhine, and the development of the surrounding area to turn Rhein-Galerie into a popular place where our visitors can shop, enjoy culinary delights, have fun, and spend their time,” says Christoph Keimes, Center Manager of Rhein-Galerie.

A visual treat on the banks of the Rhine

The modernization and redesign of the mall will include new themed areas with the respective colors and imagery relating to the center’s location such as “water”, “harbor”, and “container”, premium surfaces, new lounge areas with appealing furniture, and a digital kid’s playground. The modernization will also include the refurbishment of the entrance areas and the entire outer facade, which will turn Rhein-Galerie into a visually attractive place on the banks of the Rhine. Thus, the new outer facade will consist of a pattern with different colors, the entrances will become more colorful, and a new illuminated logo shall be placed on the roof of Rhein-Galerie.

Rhein-Galerie Ludwigshafen was opened in 2010 and accommodates approximately 130 shops on two floors and a sales area of nearly 30,000m². Its architecture and location on the Rhine promenade, which for the first timeprovided access to the Rhine from the city, has already made it an important shopping destination. Rhein-Galerie was awarded with the platinum certificate of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) for its planning according to sustainability standards and the exemplary integration of the center into the urban environment.