Europa Passage Hamburg: New “FoodSky” will open on September 29

F&B area with 20 operators already fully leased

The food and beverage area “FoodSky” at Europa Passage Hamburg will open on Friday, September 29, 2017 at 11:30 a.m. This was announced by ECE during its Retail Meeting at Fish Auction Hall in Hamburg, the largest B2B event in the industry with more than 600 attendants. The new “FoodSky” on the top floor of the shopping center in downtown Hamburg comprises 3000 square meters, a food court with 15 foodservice operators and nearly 400 seats as well as five restaurants with their own seating. All rental spaces of the “FoodSky” have already been leased.

“We are very pleased that our new food and beverage concept for Europa Passage Hamburg has been so well-received and supported by so many tenants,” said Klaus Striebich, Managing Director Leasing at ECE. “The “FoodSky” will accommodate an attractive mix of local and international foodservice operators, and there will be something for every taste.”

The culinary offers in the new “FoodSky” range from small takeouts to starred restaurants. Besides the existing “Se7en Oceans” restaurant and the “Pizza Hut” outlet, which will relocate to the top floor from the ground floor and will become a table-served restaurant, customers can look forward to these three new restaurants: “EssBar” (modern German cuisine), “Hanoi Deli” (Vietnamese), and “Friends & Brgrs”. For the burger chain from Finland, the opening of its outlet at Europa Passage Hamburg also marks its market entry in Germany. Its concept is based on premium ingredients, self-ground meat, and freshly baked buns. So far, five outlets have been opened in Denmark and Finland.

The food court will house the foodservice operators “Palacios” (Spanish cuisine), “Fisch&Grill”, “Vincent Vegan”, and “O-Street” (Oriental cuisine). They will all open their first ever brick-and-mortar outlet at a shopping center. Other new F&B concepts at Europa Passage Hamburg include “Saray Grill” (Turkish specialties), “nem” (Vietnamese cuisine), “Pommesfreunde”, “bok” (Asian Food), and “What the Food!”, a restaurant offering Vegetarian and Vegan food. Being the winner of the F&B competition “Be a Food Court Star”, they will get a rental space and a start-up package. The list of services in the food court is rounded off by “Boussi Falafel” (Oriental specialties), “Chutney” (Indian cuisine), “Camachos” (freshly grilled food), “Ciao Bella” (pizza and pasta), “immergrün” (smoothies, salads, and juices), and “Gecko” (burritos and tacos), who will all relocate from ground floor to the “FoodSky”. The new food area will be open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. during weekdays and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. Once the food court is completed, the share of foodservice operators at Europa Passage Hamburg will be approximately 20 percent.

“The “FoodSky” will be the largest food and beverage area in downtown Hamburg. It will offer a large variety of food and beverage options, a high quality of stay, and will inspire people to spend time at the center,” said Klaus Striebich. “I'm sure that the “FoodSky” will make Europa Passage even more attractive, and it will become a hotspot in the city.”

Apart from the new “FoodSky”, the other floors of Europa Passage will also be refreshed visually and modern colors will accentuate the center. In order to make navigating in the center easier for visitors, all five floors will get their own colored and graphical theme. The refurbishment of the ground floor of Europa Passage will be completed by spring 2018. Attractive retailers offering groceries and convenience goods, including a denn's Biomarkt (organic food), will fill the former F&B spaces to add to the existing offerings.

Holger Hosang, Head of Asset Management at Allianz Real Estate Germany said: “Europa Passage accommodates a large variety of offers. The new “FoodSky” with its premium food services and its unique design and furniture reflects this variety. It will help increasing the quality of stay and the time visitors spend at the center. Establishing the “FoodSky” on the top floor provides us with the opportunity to enhance the ground floor of Europa Passage, for example with the first organic food supermarket in the city center.”

The owner Allianz will invest 14 million euros into the refurbishment of Europa Passage. ECE has been managing the center since 2008 and is also responsible for its modernization.