15th ECE Retail Meeting: Experts discuss retail opportunities, trends, and visions at Europe's largest meeting in the industry

MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group receives “Retailer Award 2017” / ECE presents new Shopper Missions study

During today's 15th International ECE Retail Meeting in Hamburg, the Retailer of the Year was honored with the “Retailer Award 2017”. The awards were held for the 11th time. This year, the prize was presented to MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, which was honored by the jury for its successful performance, its entrepreneurial approach, and its innovative and service-oriented processes. In the jury's view the company has been successfully holding its ground on a rapidly changing market and is very popular among customers.

“MediaMarktSaturn is a deserved winner of the Retailer Award. Looking at the disruptive market that the company is operating in, its current achievements can't be appreciated highly enough,” said Klaus Striebich, Managing Director Leasing at ECE and member of the Retailer Award jury, during the award ceremony. The award honoring the current performance will go to a long-standing partner: “ECE und MediaMarktSaturn have been working together for 25 years and its approximately one hundred outlets are still footfall magnets and attract customers from beyond the respective region to our centers.”

“Linking our online and offline offers seamlessly has proven a successful business model for the consumer electronics retail business in the past years. Our brick-and-mortar stores also benefit considerably from it,” said Joachim Roesges, Chief Operating Officer of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group. “The Retailer Award 2017 is a reward for our employees, who work on this every day. At the same time, this motivates us to continue our strategy for more digitization with technologies such as augmented reality, robots, and artificial intelligence. ”

The Retailer Award jury consisted of renowned experts from Research, Science, and the retail sector as well as last year's awardees. The ECE Retailer Award distinguishes the most innovative concepts and outstanding achievements in the retail industry and is presented at ECE's Retail Meeting once a year. The ECE Retail Meeting is the largest meeting of the retail industry in Europe where 600 renowned decision-makers from national and international retailers come together every year to discuss opportunities and trends in the retail business.

Retail Meeting: Focusing on innovations and Digitization

This year’s Retail Meeting focuses in particular on the opportunities and challenges of digitization, the importance of innovations in the retail industry and the future of shopping centers as a platform. During the “Retail Innovation Forum”, which took place during the event, digitization experts and innovation managers from the retail industry discussed subjects such as omnichannel retail, customer insights, and the future of the retail industry.

The discussions and the exchange of ideas were inspired from presentations about the future of the retail industry by keynote speakers Kai Herzberger, Director DACH & EMEA eCommerce and Transformational Retail at Facebook Germany, and Martin Wild, Chief Digital Officer of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, and from a discussion panel about omnichannel retail as a challenge for the brick-and-mortar trade and the knowledge about customers. This panel featured Matthias Klein, CEO of Orsay GmbH, Christoph Wöhlke, Managing Director at Budnikowsky, Dr. Sabrina Zeplin, Director Group Business Intelligence at Otto Group, and Dr. Daniel Niessing from the CRM & Customer Service division of Görtz.

New study on shopping behavior

ECE's latest study “Secrets of Shopping”, which reveals comprehensive insight into the shopping missions of customers, was also presented at the Retail Meeting for the first time. It is based on the already published customer segmentation study by ECE, which describes eight “Shopper Types” and their characteristics. For the new “Secrets of Shopping” study, this classification was – for the first time – used on the ECE centers and connected to the information from more than 100,000 customer interviews at 130 centers in eleven countries.

Moreover, the analysis was broadened by adding a categorization of the centers by “Shopper Missions”, which looks at the customers' motivation to shop at the center. The “Shopper Missions” are divided into three superordinate categories (“Desire”, “Purpose”, “Location”), which are each subdivided into three sub-missions. This way, it was possible to gain information about the characteristics of the customers and the reason why they visit a center in the first place. The combination of the two analysis tools and the survey data has resulted in a multi-layered characterization of customers of ECE centers by shopper types, which is unique both in its depth and its extent. This characterization is supplemented by an in-depth categorization of centers by shopper mission.

The benefit and the goal of this analysis is to learn more about the customers and their shopping behavior, identify strengths and weaknesses of centers and their market position, and to develop measures that optimize the long-term strategy of individual ECE centers.

Further ECE studies: www.ece.com/surveys

In the awardee picture (from left to right):

Sven Sassenroth, Real Estate Manager, MediaMarktSaturn
Ralf Bauer, Vice President Corporate Property Management, MediaMarktSaturn
Joachim Roesges, Chief Operating Officer, MediaMarktSaturn
Klaus-Josef Weber, Head of Real Estate, MediaMarktSaturn