DGNB awards ECE and Deutsche EuroShop AG for sustainability

The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) awarded 20 shopping centers, which are owned by Deutsche Euroshop AG and managed by ECE, with sustainability certificates at this year’s Expo Real in Munich. Seven centers received platinum certificates while 13 received gold certificates. Yesterday, DGNB Chief Executive Officer Dr. Christine Lemaitre presented the certificates to Markus Lentzler, Managing Director Architecture & Construction at ECE, and Wilhelm Wellner, speaker of the Executive Board of Deutsche EuroShop AG.

The successful certifications were based on the DGNB basic certificate for buildings in-use. ECE was the first company ever to receive this certificate for its sustainable work processes.  ECE optimized its equipment and its processes in a way that enables its shopping centers to be operated on sustainable principles. These processes include procurement, maintenance, or “Green Lease”, i.e. leases which comply with sustainability standards. 

On this basis ECE and Deutsche EuroShop AG decided to have 20 centers rated in a portfolio certification process to ensure the continuous development of these properties. The auditors looked especially at property-specific aspects such as energy consumption, sociocultural projects, or mobility.  This procedure follows a holistic approach in which all pillars of sustainability – economic, the environmental, and social aspects – are constantly considered and optimized. “The DGNB certificate for buildings in-use has become a very handy tool for us,” said Maria Hill, Director Sustainability & Internal Services at ECE. “It allows us to optimize our national and international projects constantly. This, in turn, benefits the owners of the shopping centers.”

The platinum certificates go to A10 Center Wildau near Berlin, Billstedt-Center Hamburg, City-Galerie Wolfsburg, Phoenix-Center Hamburg, Stadtgalerie Passau, Árkád Pécs in Hungary and City Arkaden in Klagenfurt, Austria. These centers received very good ratings for many areas audited by DGNB.

Billstedt-Center Hamburg, for example, has an exemplary low energy consumption due to its energy monitoring system. Heating and energy consumption information are constantly recorded and analyzed to identify opportunities for optimization. The center especially supports sustainable mobility by providing both car sharing and bike sharing facilities in its immediate vicinity. Phoenix Center Hamburg, among others, implemented a dynamically controlled light and energy concept with a dynamic control and the latest energy-efficient illuminants. With regard to social sustainability, the center offers a range of services for families, handicapped and elderly citizens. Árkád Pécs, which is owned 50% by Deutsche EuroShop AG und 50% by HGA Capital, also stood out:  Surveys among tenants which included questions about relevant DGNB aspects showed high satisfaction. Because of an online energy controlling system, the center stands in line with Billstedt Center and Phoenix-Center and is therefore one of the pioneers when it comes to reducing energy consumption.

The gold certificates were awarded to City-Point Kassel, Altmarkt-Galerie Dresden, Stadtgalerie Hameln, Allee-Center Hamm, City-Arkaden Wuppertal, Herold-Center Norderstedt, Rathaus-Center Dessau, Rhein-Neckar-Zentrum Viernheim, Main-Taunus-Zentrum Sulzbach, Forum Wetzlar, Allee-Center Magdeburg, Saarpark-Center Neunkirchen, and Galeria Bałtycka in Gdansk, Poland.

ECE's sustainability management is based on a professional organizational structure and clear responsibilities. The Sustainability Team, which was established many years ago, facilitates sustainable practice in all divisions and all work processes at the company. In addition, a Sustainability Officer and a Sustainability Advisory Board ensure that sustainable principles are firmly rooted within the company and developed further.  

There is still considerable potential regarding sustainability aspects in existing properties.  For this, ECE developed a “Manual for the Sustainable Operation of Shopping Centers”. It provides hands-on advice to Center Managers and Technical Managers for their work on site with best-practice examples. The manual contains checklists that help the center management team to check all areas for the use of sustainable practices. These may include the parking garage, energy and water use or the complaints management. The aim is to ensure the same environmental standards at all ECE centers. For more on sustainability at ECE please visit www.ece.com/sustainability.

In the picture of the certification ceremony (from left to right):
Maria Hill (Director Sustainability & Internal Services ECE), Dr. Christine Lemaitre (DGNB Chief Executive Officer), Markus Lentzler (Managing Director Architecture & Construction ECE), Wilhelm Wellner (speaker of the Executive Board of Deutsche EuroShop AG), Prof. Dr. Joachim Hirschner (DGNB Senior Auditor), Johannes Kreißig (Managing Director DGNB GmbH)