Amazing shopping deals at 85 ECE centers during the “Black Price Days”

Great discount shopping days at ECE: 85 ECE shopping centers in Germany, Austria, and Poland will start the “Black Price Days” on November 24, 2017. Inspired by “Black Friday” in the U.S., many shops at the participating centers will offer their customers amazing deals, huge discounts, and exciting specials. Approximately 4,000 retailers at the ECE-managed centers will join the campaign and grant discounts on their entire assortment or on selected products. 

There will be special advertising before and during the “Black Price Days” by way of extensive promotional campaigns and a uniform branding strategy. For this, 350,000 giveaways and 40,000 promotional products for employees and promotion teams in the centers will be used. In addition, there will be competitions, voucher promotions, and other discount campaigns for the customers at the centers. The “Black Price Days” will be advertised on the centers' websites and social media channels as well as on local radio stations and in local newspapers.

“By launching the ‘Black Price Days’, we want to emphasize the strengths of the brick-and-mortar retail which are unique campaigns and outstanding and emotional shopping” says Joanna Fisher, Managing Director Center Management at ECE. “Campaigns like the ‘Black Price Days’ provide our customers with a special shopping experience and help increase turnovers and footfall figures at the centers.”

By launching this campaign, ECE will further advance the tradition of the retail industry of offering special deals and discounts on the last Friday in November. While the Black Friday in the U.S. mainly takes place at local retail stores and outlets, most deals in Germany have so far been primarily offered online. During the “Black Price Days” at the ECE centers, customers will get both: great discounts and a unique service and shopping experience.

The campaign also marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season which ECE will once again make especially convenient and comfortable for its center customers with many extra services. At many centers the “Heavenly Services” will again feature additional services such as the Christmas concierges, car park assistants, and the gift wrapping service, small presents for kids, and childcare services which will provide for a Christmassy atmosphere and convenient Christmas shopping.