Festive season shopping: ECE extends Christmas service campaign “Heavenly Services” to 100 shopping centers

Numerous services for a relaxed and inspiring shopping experience at the centers

Once again ECE will provide more services and a special atmosphere during this year’s Christmas shopping season at its shopping centers and considerably extend its “Heavenly Services” campaign: Many additional services will make Christmas shopping for customers at 100 ECE-managed centers in Germany and Austria easier and more convenient. They include a gift wrapping service, mobile seating, and several thousand additional employees who will work as “Christmas concierges”, who will provide information, bring the customers' shopping bags to their cars, give away little presents and Christmas pralines, or point customers to the next vacant parking space.

Thus, ECE will bring more convenience, a better quality of stay, and a personal shopping and service experience to its center customers. These are the benefits which lets brick-and-mortar retail stand out effectively from e-commerce. At the same time, ECE also implements the next milestone of its long-term strategy for more customer services and a more inspiring atmosphere at the centers. Already in October this year, ECE had launched its service campaign themed “At you Service” which set out to analyze and improve the Customer Journey in the centers wherever necessary to provide a positive service experience to the customers from the start of their visit to its end. Approximately 160 million euros will be spent on the first implementation step of the “At your Service” campaign.

“An inspiring atmosphere, good services, and a convenient shopping experience are vital, especially during the holiday season,” says Joanna Fisher, Managing Director Center Management at ECE. “Therefore, we do not only put up elaborate Christmas decorations. With our “Heavenly Services”, we also offer our customers additional services for a relaxed Christmas shopping by helping them cope with winter temperatures, crowded stores, and heavy bags.”

The figures related to the “Heavenly Services” speak for themselves: 

  • More than 3,700 employees at ECE-managed centers throughout Germany will be working at the customer information desk, as “Christmas Concierges”, car park assistants, hostesses, concierges, or they will wrap gifts.
  • Approximately 150 Santas and 500 angels will be working at the centers during the Christmas season. 
  • More than one million high-quality pralines, approximately 75,000 chocolate Santa Clauses, and 25,000 bags of roasted almonds will be given to the customers as presents.
  • About 40,000 gifts will be wrapped for customers. 125,000 meters of wrapping paper and 100,000 meters of ribbons will be used.
  • Center vouchers will also be a popular gift during the Christmas Season:  About a million center vouchers, which can be redeemed at more than 90 shopping centers and approximately 12,000 shops, will be sold at ECE centers only in December. 

Other “Heavenly Services” will help facilitate an easy arrival and departure even in winterly conditions: Concierges will walk the customers, who park on the upper parking levels, to their car with an umbrella to make sure they reach their car dry-shod. Customers of centers with large car parks will be taken to their cars with a golf cart shuttle service. Moreover, customers can also send special season's greetings: They can use the photo boxes in the center to make their own Christmas Cards, print them and send them to their friends and families.