ECE successfully concludes “At Your Service” pilot project

Alstertal-Einkaufszentrum Hamburg: Customer satisfaction increases significantly in the light of improved services

ECE has successfully finished the comprehensive optimization and complementation of the services offered at Alstertal-Einkaufszentrum (AEZ), which were implemented in the context of its “At Your Service” campaign. Consequently, the already high customer satisfaction ratings have increased even further. This is shown by the results of a survey conducted at the end of the “At Your Service” pilot project at AEZ, which marked the start of a comprehensive service campaign which totals an investment into the service quality of up to 60 centers totaling €190 million in the coming years.

According to the customer survey, 84% of the customers rated the services at AEZ as “good” or “very good” after the implementation of the new “At Your Service” offers. This is a significant increase as before the project had started, 70% of the customers rated the services as “good” or “very good”. In total, two out of three customers (65%) say that the shopping experience at AEZ has improved through the “At Your Service” campaign. More than 75% of the customers rated the improvements as “good” or “very good”. The overall satisfaction of the customers with the center is at nearly 90%.

“We are very pleased that we have achieved the primary objective of our service campaign: increasing the customer satisfaction and the shopping experience by highlighting the services at the individual centers even more and by optimizing and complementing them,” said Joanna Fisher, Managing Director Center Management at ECE. “The successful implementation at AEZ will be a role model for the other centers where we will implement the “At Your Service” offers.”

The survey also showed that the individual new services have been well-received by the customers – especially those along the touchpoints in the center. Improving these services, such as parking, wayfinding, information services in the center, and the quality of stay, has been very important to ECE:

  • 83% of the surveyed customers rated the refurbished, new lounges as “good” or “very good”, 82% of them appreciated the new restrooms.
  • 78% of the surveyed customers rated the new parking services as “good” or “very good”.
  • The new wayfinding and information services at the center were also appreciated by 78% of the survey participants.

As a result, “At Your Service” campaign has already had an immediate positive effect: To improve the quality of stay in the centers, it brought about a number of new seating areas and lounges with comfortable furniture and ambient lighting. The customer restrooms were completely refurbished and complemented by new attractive lobbies, customer corridors were redesigned with a welcoming and modern ambiance. The entire signage in the center was renewed and optimized for a better indoor wayfinding experience, new signage columns show a directory of the shops and services available at the center, and the customer information desk received a complete makeover. Moreover, new lobbies, improved indoor wayfinding, signage, lighting, and different color designs in the parking garage provide a welcoming ambiance to the customers.

Furthermore a parking indicator system was installed which leads arriving customers to unoccupied parking spaces by flashing green or red LEDs. New displays at the entrances show the free parking spaces. In total, 300 service and comfort parking spaces, such as family or extra-wide parking spaces are available to the customers, which will make it more convenient to them to leave or enter their vehicle. Other services at AEZ include digital information services, a new website, and the Digital Mall.

ECE's “At Your Service” campaign is a holistic approach aimed at taking the services at the company's centers to the next level and to provide a positive shopping experience for the customers from the beginning to the end of their shopping trip. In order to be successful and to stand out from its competitors both from the online and the offline world, a shopping center has to provide attractive and individualized services. Based on the findings of a service study, ECE looked at the entire “Customer Journey” from searching for a product online at home, the arrival in the parking garage, the sources of information, and the relax services in the center to returning home. This is the basis for an analysis of each individual center to implement new services and improvements which meet the needs of the customers.