Thematic Press Kits

Services in Shopping Centers

Centers face tougher competition. Many operators rely on providing individual services to stand out from their competitors: Offers that make shopping easier or more convenient and provide a good experience. But which services do customers really want? more

Hamburger Meile Hamburg, exterior view

Refurbishment by ECE

Whether for modernization, extension or repositioning, ECE continuously cooperates with owners to always keep the shopping centers it manages up to date. That way, the centers don’t only remain attractive to customers and tenants, but also maintain their value for investors. more

Food and beverages in shopping centers

Food and beverage options are playing an increasingly significant role in shopping centers. Turnover from F&B retailers in ECE centers increased by 54 percent between 2010 and 2015 alone. There are many reasons for this. more

Studies and Reports

Market Reports and Surveys

Since 2015, ECE has been publishing studies about various aspects of the shopping center business. Knowing the requirements and expectation of the customers is the objective of the analyses, enabeling the company to to respond more rapidly and flexibly to new trends. more