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As European shopping center market leader, we have been successful in the market for over five decades. Today we manage around 200 unique shopping centers. In this category, you can find out how we make our centers fit for the future, what tomorrow's shopping will look like and the challenges we face in managing them.

Gray energy

What is gray energy? And what role does this "invisible" energy play for the real estate industry? In the course of European climate protection, the emissions from the production of building materials and the associated energy consumption are increasingly coming into focus.

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CANO Singen

With the Cano in Singen, ECE opens its last new shopping project for the time being. Nils Hoffmann, ECE Senior Leasing Manager, reveals in an interview which new store concepts the city of 50,000 inhabitants in the Lake Constance region can look forward to. Why the Swiss like to come across the border to shop and how Corona has made leasing difficult on the last few meters.

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Green Deal Real Estate Industry

Sustainability is one of the most important topics of the future - also in the real estate industry. Maria Hill, Director Sustainability & Corporate Communications at ECE, talks about sustainability in times of Corona, the European Union's Green Deal and the role of renewable energies.

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Glamour Shopping Week

What is the Glamour Shopping Week, how does it work? And what are the advantages of the brand new cooperation for frequencies in shopping centers? Find out why ECE decided to enter into this strategic partnership, how we will evaluate it for ourselves and how we will build on it in the future.

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Poke You on a successful course

The Hamburg start-up Poké You is an important part of the Foodtopia gastronomic concept in the Frankfurt shopping center MyZeil. The two founders, two-star chef Karlheinz Hauser and his son Tom Hauser, talk in an interview about how the success story of Poké You began, what opportunities Foodtopia offers them and what they are planning for the future.

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Vincent Vegan: From food truck to the mall

The blog interview with founder Christian Kuper is about the idea behind and the development of Vincent Vegan, happiness and headwind, Iowa and Berlin, and the question why shopping centers can hardly survive without good food.

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