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Working at ECE

Helping excellent employees develop their personal and professional skills, unleashing their potential through challenging projects, and providing in-depth vocational and advanced training for young talents – these are ECE’s goals as an employer. In this context, we also offer the ideal conditions to achieve a high level of employee satisfaction.

With a suite of benefits that help employees achieve a healthy work-life balance, excellent support and training programs offered by the in-house ECE Academy, and a culture of mutual appreciation, we have positioned ourselves as a top employer in the real estate industry for many years.

„Our success is, to a large extent, built on our ability to attract and retain outstanding employees. As an employer, we’re constantly evolving in order to continue offering our highly motivated employees an attractive overall package“

– Claudia Theisel, Director People & Office Management, ECE

Advanced training opportunities

Promoting excellence is our philosophy when it comes to supporting the continuous development of our colleagues. The company’s approach to learning combines challenging assignments and projects while on the job, personal responsibility while learning from others, and special programs at the ECE Academy. This allows us to offer a best-in-class level of learning tailored to each employee’s career level and position.

  • 27% of management positions are held by women (including Technical Manager)
  • 3,400 employees, including over 2,500 in Germany
  • 744 seminars were attended by employees in 2019
  • 92% of employees return to their job after parental leave


Whether with project management techniques, digital language training, formats for sharing specialized knowledge, agile coaching, or special education development programs for specialists and managers, employees can find a wide range of development opportunities at the ECE Academy tailored to their individual objectives.

Flexible and remote work

In order to respond to customer wishes with greater flexibility, but also to help employees achieve a better work-life balance, we have offered the ability to work remotely for several years now. Equipped with a laptop and a smartphone, ECE employees are largely free to decide when and from where they can best perform their respective tasks.

This offers them a great deal of freedom in terms of where and when they work and efficiently collaborate with their colleagues. The importance of investing in state-of-the-art technical equipment and the company’s years of experience in remote work particularly became apparent during the coronavirus crisis – thanks to their flexibility and dedication, ECE employees were able to continue to make progress on their projects from home. By offering the ability to work remotely, we as a family-owned company want to continue to promote the independence, individual performance, and personal responsibility of the employees in the future.

Supporting young talent

The objective of the “Young Talents@ECE” program is to identify talented young potential employees, recruit them to ECE, and then provide them with focused support. Through this program, the company helps its trainees, interns, degree students participating in work-study programs, and vocational trainees launch their careers, network, and remain loyal to the company. Specific activities include regular interdisciplinary events, joint training courses and specialist lectures, tours of shopping centers or construction sites, and a dedicated group in which they can interact with each other via social media. Through these measures, we offer “high potentials” added value and remain in contact with this target audience over the long term.

We cooperate with numerous universities to ensure that young talents become aware of ECE and can get to know the company during their studies. We also actively participate in guest lectures, professional discussion groups, career events, excursions, and case studies – for example at the Hamburg School of Business Administration and HafenCity University in Hamburg, the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht in Oestrich-Winkel, the International Real Estate Business School at the University of Regensburg, and the Nordakademie University of Applied Sciences in Elmshorn.

Sports and health

We implement specific measures to promote the health and safety of our employees. ECE employees can use the in-house fitness studio "Unser Sportplatz" at the company headquarters free of charge. Colleagues in the local centers can take advantage of discounts from numerous fitness cooperation partner. Also trainings and lectures on the topic of stress management, company medical consultation hours and ergonomic workplaces are among the attractive offers in the area of "health". ECE employees throughout Germany are supported by the service provider "", which offers comprehensive services in the field of occupational safety and occupational medicine.

Work-life balance

Demanding and encouraging excellence, but also creating opportunities for employees to enjoy their private lives – as a family-owned business, providing different options to achieve a better work-life balance is important to us. With specific measures such as the company’s partnership with pme Familienservice, the childcare allowance, the in-house gym, flexible working hours, or the excellent pension plan, we help our employees to achieve the best possible balance between professional and private lives according to their personal needs.

Corporate Influencer - a look behind the scenes by corporate ambassador

At a time when companies are facing a lack of skilled employees, it is essential that we can continue to find the very best and brightest individuals and impress them as an employer. In addition to proven recruitment and HR marketing measures, we are also going in new directions, for example with the corporate influencers.

To do so, participating employees from Asset Management, Leasing, Center Management, and IT use their personal social media profiles to post about their respective careers, current projects they’re working on, and about life on and around the ECE campus and at their shopping center. With their posts, the Corporate Influencer colleagues provide interested applicants with direct, authentic impressions of their individual professional lives and can thus inspire their followers for ECE as an employer.

Another advantage for potential candidates is that they can get in touch with the corporate influencers directly via social media and and get information "at first hand".

Award-winning employer

Our success is based on high employee satisfaction and the company’s appeal to motivated young talents. Our holistic HR policy has been recognized with numerous awards:

  • Top Employer 2020 for an attractive work environment with benefits that help employees achieve a healthy work-life balance, career development opportunities, and social responsibility
  • audit berufundfamilie since 2012 for the effective, long-term implementation of a family-friendly HR policy
  • kununu Top Company for employers with an above-average rating on
  • Fair Company 2020 for outstanding career counseling and the fair treatment of college interns
  • Trendence Trainee Award 2020 for fair and high-quality in-house trainee programs

ECE Editorial Team

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