Compatible with success – career and family at ECE

For us as a family company, the two terms family and career are established practice at ECE. As responsible employer and reliable partner we are proud of and continuously work on keeping and further expand this status. This claim is also reflected in three of our basic values: integrity, sustainability and partnership.

At ECE, we want that our employees can actively live their family life and thus we support them in different ways and with targeted measures. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether you are working in shifts as center manager, as project manager abroad or as employee in the company's headquarters in Hamburg: with us you can design your everyday family and working life according to your own needs.

What does this mean in detail?

Distinguished family-friendliness

Since 2012, ECE has been awarded with the certificate "berufundfamilie" [family and career] by the charitable Hertie Foundation and makes every effort to improve the compatibility of family and career in the company and to thus create a good work-life balance. Topics such as flexible working hours and places, communication and leadership are focused on.

It is not only the employees who benefit from a good work-life balance, but all at ECE thanks to increased motivation and satisfaction in the complete company.

Flexible working

At ECE, the employees' professional success, appreciation and career do not depend on their presence but solely on their work results and their performance. With regards to the employment agreements, the job-oriented planning of working hours at one's own discretion is paramount.

Flexible trust-based working hours facilitate the individual daily routine: When you need more time in the morning when taking your kids to school or when a football game in the afternoon calls for fans the working time can be adjusted very flexibly in agreement with your superior – as long as it is not linked to a shift plan or service hours. Trust-based working hours underline our open corporate culture.

Various working time models

In order to further support an individualistic lifestyle and the flexible realization of one's personal life ECE allows part-time and job-sharing models at the headquarters and the centers in Germany – also in executive positions.

Our employees at approx. 200 center locations need to master morning, evening and changing shifts. To make the shift work less stressful and to ensure that the family and social life does not miss out, ECE created a shift planning guideline. Long-term and fair shift plans allow our employees to better organize their private life and to benefit from fair vacation planning. This creates transparency and safety for all employees and best-possible planning certainty for all private projects.

Mobile working

ECE strongly supports mobile working. For instance, some tasks can be done in a better, faster and more focused way at home than in a hectic office: working in a home office allows our employees to get those tasks done flexibly at home.

Whether on the road or at home – if necessary, ECE provides you with a notebook and Blackberry in order to facilitate mobile working. This creates freedom to act flexibly and at the same time promotes the employees' independence and personal responsibility. A win-win situation as this means higher work and result satisfaction for both sides.

Working as a parent

Sometimes even the best plan cannot prevent that a childcare service is not available at short notice. Since 2012, ECE has been offering parents the opportunity to bring their kids to the office in urgent cases. The so called parent-child office provides a working place and a colorful play area.

Since 2008, ECE employees who have their kids looked after in daycare or similar facilities have the opportunity to receive a child care allowance subject to certain requirements. This financial support is a voluntary social service provided by ECE. Apart from these offers, ECE provides a very special service: PME Familienservice GmbH organizes help in the form of a Germany-wide family care support for the employees at the headquarters and in the centers.

Health and well-being

In order to remain productive, health ranks first at ECE. If you love sports, you surely find your favorite discipline in our corporate sports program (offered by Otto Group). Your workplace is adjusted to your individual means so that you master your work easily.

Special leave days at specific events or a sabbatical are further offers by ECE with which you can balance your work and private life. We are aware of the thus gained satisfaction and loyalty as well as the thus resulting increased motivation. This is why we want to further increase these compensation means.

Individual care solutions for all cases

We know that individual care solutions for dependent relatives are a basic requirement for our employees to be successful at work.

In order to effectively support our employees when searching for a suitable form of care in case a relative becomes ill or requires intensive care, ECE offers them a voluntary social service an external procurement of care services realized by the family service "pme Familienservice".