Frequently asked questions

Would you like to know more about our application process? You can find the answers to our most frequently asked questions here.

We prefer if you apply via our online form. If you don’t have the technical means to do so – no problem. Please send your application to career(at)ece(dot)com

To make it easier for us to quickly allocate and process your application it would be very helpful if you could state as detailed as possible for what job you are applying. For example, state the job title given in the advertisement and the medium in which you found it. If you are sending an unsolicited application, we are happy if you provide detailed information in which section you are interested.

After we received your application we will send you an acknowledgement of receipt. Then your documents will be checked by our HR Recruiting department before they are sent to the respective section. As soon as the section is interested as well, two to three interviews will take place on site so that we can get to know each other.

If you are applying for our central divisions then your place of work will be Hamburg. Depending on the position, the job might be related to a lot of travelling. If you apply for a job as Center Manager you need to be willed to travel Germany-wide. After your training period we will be able to tell you in which city you will be working.

Also if the employment relationship is not established we will reimburse the costs for your journey to the job interview. Refundable are in particular transport costs and, after consultation, also hotel costs. Costs for arriving in your own car are also reimbursed. Here, the reimbursement is limited to the fiscal km lump sum. If you arrive by train we bear the costs for a 2nd class return ticket.

This depends very much on the section. Some sections have fixed entrance dates, but this is not the case for Center Manager Trainees. Since we expect high flexibility from you it is our target to provide it to you as well.

If, however, we don’t find a joint path we will keep your documents for half a year as of the date of refusal (as regulated in the data protection act). Afterwards we will delete your data.