Career paths

Experience our diversity

We offer our 3,400 employees an inspiring work environment with a lot of space to turn their individual ideas into reality. Here, you will find some information about the varied areas of responsibility of our job descriptions.

Keep your finger on the pulse – as a development manager

A Development Manager recognizes the potential of promising new locations for shopping centers and other special commercial properties. Development Managers stay on the ball when it comes to buying land and checking or organizing the necessary construction rights. When developing and implementing planning and utilization concepts for the chosen site, a Development Manager needs to demonstrate a good deal of creativity.
As a Development Manager, you will be good at acquisition and negotiation, as well as being able to apply your demonstrable skills when it comes to dealing with different kinds of people. We provide extensive support for this work from the very beginning. After an initial induction phase, you will soon assume responsibility within an inter-disciplinary team and provide the vital link to our executive management team.

Putting a new face on the world – as an architect

Architects at ECE discover, develop and realize their full potential by working on fascinating and extremely varied projects. This includes sophisticated shopping malls, innovative railway stations, environmentally friendly industrial plants and contemporary schools.
As an Architect, your creativity, accuracy and attention to detail will be continually tested on a day-to-day basis. Your task is to make the technically feasible a reality. A relevant degree and some initial work experience will form the basis of your professional skill set.

Keeping an eye on the big picture – as a Project Manager Construction

A Project Manager Construction always sees a host of demanding major projects as a real challenge. This area of responsibility is enormously complex and exciting. You will have complete technical and commercial responsibility for projects in Germany or abroad and sole responsibility for the construction of new buildings.

As Project Manager Construction at ECE, completely new prospects await you. You can and must achieve a great deal and still keep your eye on the big picture, in both a commercial and technical sense.

Shaping the right mix – as a Leasing Manager

The role of Leasing Manager is one that has been largely defined and shaped by ECE itself. Leasing Managers develop concepts for marketing retail spaces within shopping centres and, in doing so, they ensure a successful mix of up to 160 individual retail outlets.

As a Leasing Manager, you will bring market intelligence, creativity, conviction and negotiating skills to the role. In return you will enjoy a great deal of freedom. You will be largely responsible for the appearance and appeal of the shopping center – and thus for its financial success.

Use your organizational skills to motivate others – as a Center Manager

Center Managers are responsible for shopping centers with up to 250 individual retail outlets. This requires a huge amount of organizational talent and an entrepreneurial mindset. For instance, the product ranges and sectors represented have to be just right, the advertising must be compelling and the technical services must work 24/7. And, of course, you will have to keep all the tenants happy too.

In other words, a Center Manager can make a shopping center the appealing focal point of any city or region. It sounds simple, but that is far from the truth. This job is a daily challenge for anyone, but our vast experience in the sector will be a huge asset to you. 

Help achieve the best possible quality – ideally, for the long term

Technical Managers ensure the technical aspects of a business run smoothly and reliably at all times. They also lead the building services team and stand in for center managers in their absence. As the key contact for all technical matters, they undertake building and maintenance tasks and have overall responsibility for quality control.
A solid degree in engineering or facility management is the best basis for such a role, or a master of trade or similar technical qualification in the vocational field. You should also be well versed in the development and operation of building services and have some past managerial experience.

Set new benchmarks – ideally, every day

One of the key tasks of the Facility Manager Commercial role is to review the commercial operation of the center. This includes quality control of commercial processes. In addition, you ensure the accuracy of all building-related billing and pay particular attention to key performance indicators. You will also be involved in the development of central planning requirements. As well as your responsibility for handling key negotiations with energy providers, you naturally will also have some staff management tasks to attend to.
To cope with all these demands, you should have a business management or facility management degree – plus many years of relevant professional and management experience. In-depth knowledge of project management processes is also fundamental to the role, along with strong analytical and conceptual skills. And all of this should of course be accompanied by a good dose of entrepreneurial vision.

Make an active contribution to our success – ideally, for the long term

Client Accountants look after one or more of our property companies. The work covers everything from rental income and financial accounting to compilation of quarterly and annual reports. You ensure professional administration of rental contracts, including good communication with the tenants. You will also be involved in planning and financial controlling processes and will play an active role in our internal and external reporting cycles.
Solid vocational qualifications in the field of taxation or business administration, along with several years of accounting experience (including financial reporting in accordance with the German Commercial Code), should provide a sound basis for this role. Further training as a (German/international) management accountant would definitely be to your advantage. Naturally, you will be well versed in all the usual accounting software packages and have excellent communication skills.

Define and achieve your goals – as an Asset Manager

Asset Managers define financial goals and ensure they are achieved accordingly. Your job is to question existing processes and structures. Investors and property companies are in good hands with you. In addition to reporting to the investors and executive management teams, you will perform all the classic financial controlling duties.

As an Asset Manager with ECE, analytical thinking is called for on a grand scale. You will have your own area of responsibility and work independently. What we need are genuine financial controllers with sound business management skills, accounting expertise, experience and personality.

Support successful processes – as a Transaction Manager

Transaction Managers support national and international property transactions and trends. They are the go-to people for expert advice and assistance on all issues relating to commercial property. In addition, they are responsible for coordinating complex property projects, conducting negotiations and overseeing due diligence processes.
As a Transaction Manager, your success will primarily stem from your varied experience in the sale and purchase of properties and, in some cases, companies. Furthermore, you must be very familiar with the real estate and investment banking worlds and know how to deal with investors and bankers – in fluent business English as well as German.

Develop new standards – ideally, with your ideas

Our IT project managers and consultants act as the key interface between individual business areas and the IT department. They manage cross-disciplinary projects for both the business units and the IT team. Their focus is on organizational change and departmental processes on the one hand and implementation of IT systems and products on the other. Via the steering committee and project organization team, our IT project managers and consultants maintain constant contact with the relevant departments and business units.

This job is all about having the right mix of IT competence, methodical process analysis skills and project management expertise. The basis for this is a solid business management degree majoring in commercial IT or a similar qualification. A sense of responsibility and plenty of initiative are just as vital as the ability and the willingness to question existing processes on a regular basis.

Provide support and uphold our rights – as a Legal Counsel

A Legal Counsel at ECE is involved in a great variety of different legal areas – from the planning and development stage and construction phase through to ongoing business operations. Complex legal problems, both national and international, are always on the agenda.

As one of our legal counsels, you will be able to draw on in-depth legal training and qualifications plus sector-specific experience. You will be a convincing, assertive and strong negotiator. In addition, you will also have the ability to make your points in a clear and concise manner.