Practical placements & Vocational training

“The perfect place for me to put my learning into practice.”

We appreciate young people who want to advance and have some clear goals for the future. School-leavers with university entrance qualifications, commercial college graduates and secondary-school leavers with a general leaving certificate (Mittlere Reife) all have opportunities to enter the workforce in a fascinating field – with us here at ECE.

Vocational training

Our practical program covers the following vocational training qualifications:

  • Office Clerk
  • IT Consultant
  • Technical Draftsperson

During your dual vocational program, you will work your way through various departments and receive a comprehensive insight into our successful management of major commercial property projects. We will give you both the freedom and the support you need – to pursue your individual career path.
Encourage and extend is the motto we have been applying to vocational training at ECE for years now – and with great success.

Internships with ECE

We offer interested and committed students the opportunity to complete a practical placement/internship with us. As part of the “Fair Company” initiative, we naturally do not use practical trainees to cover permanent positions and will reimburse you accordingly. However, this does mean we can only engage practical trainees who are officially enrolled as students.

A practical placement with us generally lasts at least 4 months but may be extended to give you the opportunity to gain a more in-depth insight into the ECE processes. Our practical mentor, Mr. Blau will be more than happy to help you during this period with any questions or concerns you may have.

The decision as to whether we offer students the opportunity to complete their final thesis at ECE very much depends on the situation at the time and the type of projects we have on the books in our various departments. In every such case, a prior practical placement is always the prerequisite for any such an arrangement.

Unfortunately, we do not offer work experience for school students. The projects and work processes at ECE are so complex that it is not possible for us to get school pupils up to speed during a short work experience period.