Trainees & Integrated study

“The perfect place for me to forge my own path.”

Every successful career needs a solid foundation. Whether as a trainee or as a dual study program student: with us, every talent is fostered individually – this includes challenging tasks, autonomous learning, and collaboration on exciting projects.

If you are interested in our trainee programs, have completed a degree, and have already had some initial professional experience (e.g. through internships or as a student employee), please contact us.

After graduating high school, you have the opportunity as a dual study program student to complete the practical phases of your course of studies at ECE and to develop your skills.

Trainee project manager

As a trainee project manager, you will work your way through the various divisions of Construction, Architecture and Facility Management over a period of 18 months. The prerequisite for this is an academic qualification, which could well be in civil engineering, architecture or industrial engineering, as well as some practical experience in technical fields. As a project manager, you will impress us with your management skills, assertiveness, team-building ability, presentation skills, high workload capacity and mental agility.

During our extensive ECE trainee program, we will prepare you for your future role of assuming technical and financial responsibility for the construction of major commercial properties – from shopping centers to office complexes. A team of experts will coach and mentor you in all areas, from the tender process through to final handover.

Trainee center management

As a trainee working in the various centers, you will be introduced to the wide-ranging area of responsibility of our Centre Managers over a period of up to 3 years (depending on prior experience).

Based on the extent of your past experience, we will start you on one of the following levels:

  • Center Manager trainee
  • Junior Center Manager

About every 3-6 months, you will change centers so that you can acquire the necessary skills to assume responsibility for your own center as soon as possible. The prerequisite here is a high degree of flexibility and mobility, which we will continue to expect from you at the end of your training period. Experience in retail, marketing, property management and business management would ideally be included in your qualification profile.

In addition to the practical training, we also offer theoretical grounding over the course of six three-day sessions at our Centre Management Academy in Hamburg, where you will receive the theoretical tools to become a successful manager of one of our centers.

Trainee leasing management

Over a period of around 1½ years, you will get to know ECE and above all our Leasing unit. We will prepare you for your future career as a Leasing Manager, during which you will develop creative concepts for the marketing of stores in the shopping centres on your own initiative. The objective is to create a coordinated tenant and branch mix in the shopping centres and to develop a feel for new trends in the retail sector.

We expect you to have a business management degree with the focus on real estate management or trade. As a future Leasing Manager, you must be interested in retail, willing to travel, and possess good organizational skills. Ideally, your profile is rounded off by initial experience (e.g. internships) in the retail sector.

As a school-leaver with university entrance qualifications, you will have the opportunity to embark on a three-year work and study course at the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA), the European University of Applied Sciences (EUFH) or the Elmshorn Northern Academy.

This excellent combination of theory and practice (referred to as integrated or dual study) will take you closer to your goal of becoming a Leasing Manager (HSBA) or Centre Manager (EUFH), once you have graduated with a Bachelor of Arts – majoring in business studies. In addition, we offer a dual study course in the field of ITC, leading to a Bachelor of Science.
The length of study varies according to your professional goal:

This work/study program consists of theoretical units at the academies or universities and practical phases completed on site with ECE .