Services by ECE: General planning
Project management
Status: assignment completed
Architects: Chaix & Morel, Paris
JSWD architects, Cologne

ECE planned and realized the new headquarters for the global corporation ThyssenKrupp at the historical area of the former Krupp factory in Essen. The freely accessible quarter comprises the new headquarters, further office buildings and a forum with conference rooms and restaurants.

The Quarter's distinctive landmark, which is visible from afar, is the headquarters "Q1". The 50 meters high cube is characterized by its filigree building construction made of glass and steel and received awards for its environmentally-friendly overall concept.

With high energy efficiency and the use of geothermal power, the quarter is setting trends in terms of sustainability.

ThssenKrupp Quartier, headquarters

ThssenKrupp Allee 1
45143 Essen

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    Construction start: summer 2007
    Completion: fall 2010

    Property data

    Area: 100,000 sqm
    Footfall per day (on average): n.a.