Services by ECE: Project development
Status: realized

ECE has realized a new storage and logistics center in Krefeld for the tenant Siemens. The 32,000 m² large building complex serves as central storage facility for the adjacent Siemens main manufacturing plant und comprises two halls and an approximately 1,000 m² large office and social building. The construction was finished in record time, less than five months after the laying of the foundation stone.

Siemens has been based at the Krefeld location for decades to manufacture among others high speed trains and other rail vehicles for regional and long-distance transport.

Siemens Manufacturing

Adolf-Dembach-Straße 25
47829 Krefeld

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    Completion: spring 2014

    Property data

    Office space: 1,000 sqm
    Area: 32,000 sqm
    Footfall per day (on average): n.a.