Services by ECE: Project management
Status: assignment completed
Architects: Manfred Stelle

On the Pfingstberg, the highest elevation in Potsdam, Friedrich Wilhelm IV ordered the construction of the Belvedere in 1847 based on his blueprints, a romantic-classicistic castle with a view, outside staircase and water gardens. It was not only accessible to the members of the royal family but to the general public as well and became very popular.

The structures started dilapidating in the 1960s. Its reconstruction with the help of ECE included the difficult rebuilding of the eastern tower, the eastern and northern colonnades and the eastern arcade. Today, the building stands for Potsdam's prettiest view and diverse cultural use.

Castle Belvedere, reconstruction

Pfingstberg, Neuer Garten
14469 Potsdam


    Completion phase one: spring 2001
    Completion: summer 2003

    Property data

    Area: 2,300 sqm
    Footfall per day (on average): n.a.