Exterior view Stadtgalerie Hameln

The partner of the cities

For ECE High Street and shopping centers are no contradiction or competitors but form part of a whole. This is why the optimal urban integration of our centers is important to us and why we become active together with the other retailers with regard to urban marketing. We are convinced that well-planned shopping centers can revive cities and can be an important component as popular areas of experience in the competition with the growing e-commerce.

Exterior view of Forum Mittelrhein in Koblenz

Sustainability of centers

We are not only a project developer but also remain at the location in the long term as lessor and manager and thus assume permanent responsibility for the properties planned and operated by us. We attach particular importance to sustainable shopping centers, which are integrated into the cities in the long term. more

Do all centers look the same?

Visitors, retailers and cities demand individual and challenging solutions when it comes to the design of shopping centers – from historic up to ultra-modern architecture.