Viewing on a shoppig center model

How do we develop a center?

Center development – in dialog with the city

Constructing a shopping center requires immense planning efforts and lively discussions, e.g. with the city administration, the city council, associations, and the people of the city, of course. Especially at the beginning of a project, the justified demand for information by the general public cannot be accommodated to complete satisfaction. This is due to the complexity of major projects. Site negotiations cannot be conducted in public and the performance audit as well as the detailed schematic design take a lot of time.

Yet, ideas and plans are discussed with the citizens whenever possible. ECE already organized public workshops in many cities and collected ideas for the design and the integration of a new shopping center in collaboration with the citizens. In addition, there are various opportunities for participation in the course of the application process for the planning permission. Members of the city council, representatives of city administrations, and local journalists often visit other cities to get their own idea of ECE developments on site.

Alexander Otto

We know about the high public interest and the diversity of opinions when the construction of a shopping center is discussed in the cities. For us, this means: we gladly engage in every discussion.

Alexander Otto, Chief Executive Officer