Midnight shopping at Ettlinger Tor Karlsruhe

Impact of centers on city centers

Traffix-free environment infront of Stadtgalerie Passau

Increase of footfall

Shopping centers are a magnet and attract additional footfall and, therefore, purchasing power to the city. Thus, retailers outside the centers also benefit from it. Our experience has shown that visitors enjoy shopping in a mall as well as in the established shops on the main shopping streets and that there is a lively exchange. more

Members of Ettlinger Tor in Karlsruhe

Jobs and follow-up investments

Shopping malls are drivers for jobs. Approximately 580,000 people work in shopping malls in Germany. Every shopping center creates hundreds of new jobs and apprenticeship places. Furthermore, the construction of a center usually triggers considerable follow-up investments in the rest of the city center. more

Fashion show at Fórum Debrecen

Attractive retail, a great experience and events

Our shopping centers are not sheer "points of sale" or pure shopping locations. They create emotions and great experiences. They are places for fashion shows, concerts, exhibitions, sporting events, child care and much more! more

Information table at Silesia City Center, Kattowitz

Diverse tenant mix

This "complaint" is not new: High Streets and shopping centers look the same and feature the same chain stores. While this complaint is not wrong, it is due to the customers who enjoy shopping in these stores. more

Center app "Love to shop"

The challenge of the online trade

The bricks-and-mortar trade will continue to succeed if it re-invents itself over and over again and combines the convenience of the online trade with the benefits of a shop such as ambiance, advice, dressing rooms, and the immediate availability of the products. more