Popular brands and small retailers

This is well-known criticism: There are always the same franchisers and shops on High Streets or in shopping centers. This is not wrong. But this is due to the customers who want to shop in these stores. A shopping center or a pedestrian zone without the big brands would not attract customers. It is, in fact, the special concepts or the smaller individual retailers who are the icing on the cake and who create the special shopping experience.  These retailers are hard to find in the city centers as they cannot afford to pay the high rents on the main shopping streets anymore. This is due to the understandable interests of house owners to rent out to the tenant who pays most. The real estate brokers are interested in the highest possible brokerage fees and frequent changeovers.

Shopping center operators have a different attitude: It is not the individual shop which counts but the property as a whole. Some areas are leased cheaper or more expensive to provide an interesting branch and tenant mix. This is mainly based on the performance of the respective branch. Thus, start-ups and individual niche concepts have a chance to get a shop space in a prime location. Therefore, the detailed structure of shopping centers with specialist stores can provide a diversified branch mix which can satisfy a number of different consumer demands. Thus, the center helps to make the city more popular for visitors again.

Various concepts in our shopping centers