Jobs and follow-up investments

Shopping malls are drivers for jobs. Approximately 580,000 people work in shopping malls in Germany. Every shopping center creates hundreds of new jobs and apprenticeship places. Depending on its size, an ECE center generates between 600 and 2,000 jobs. This does not include the numerous jobs in the construction phase. Furthermore, the construction of a center usually triggers considerable follow-up investments in the rest of the city center, which in turn create and secure jobs.

We also know from our experience that the construction of an inner-city shopping gallery stimulates the existing retailers: Long-planned investments are realized, the shop interior is modernized, city management companies are established and the pedestrian zones are enhanced. A High Street which prepares for competition like this does neither need to fear a shopping center nor the neighboring cities or the online trade – on the contrary: Its attractiveness is increased and the High Street will benefit from the additional streams of buyers.