The challenge of the online trade

Woman and shopping app

The bricks-and-mortar trade will continue to succeed if it re-invents itself over and over again and combines the convenience of the online trade with the benefits of a shop such as ambiance, advice, dressing rooms, and the immediate availability of the products.  Despite the online boom, our centers have stable footfall figures and turnovers. In some sectors, however, the demand for areas has decreased and certain products are almost exclusively bought online. But even online traders have acknowledged that brands are established mainly offline and that a direct contact to the consumer is mostly a precondition for a subsequent online purchase.

ECE responded to the challenges of the online trade by integrating many digital services in their centers. Whether it is the linking with social media, 3D guiding systems, or our "Love-to-Shop" app, there is always something new happening at ECE centers. Current examples of new services in shopping centers can be found here:

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