Bird's eye view of Altmarkt-Galerie Dresden

Urban development supported by centers

Commerce has been shaping the development of European cities ever since.  People used to settle near the marketplace.  Today, this concept has not changed significantly: Vibrant city centers with attractive retailers also provide stimuli and are drivers of urban development in the globalized world of the 21 century.

Integrated shopping centers which are tailored to the city can facilitate this positive development.

Eastgate Berlin, exterior view, photo by Bildschön

Diversity instead of standard concepts

There are no standard cities – thus, there are no standard shopping centers. Every city is different, with its own requirements and structures. Therefore, we need to find specific answers for every city when planning a shopping center. more

Hamburger Meile Hamburg, exterior view

Revitalization and modernization

Constant modernization, adjustments, and extensions of shopping centers are part of the daily routine to an experienced shopping center operator like ECE. You can only be successful if you keep your center on track with the latest developments. more

Rathaus-Galerie Leverkusen, exterior view, photo by Daniel Torz

Multifunctionality and quarter development

A lot of Hight Streets are monocultural – many areas are deserted after business hours. Many cities therefore prefer multi-faceted projects and the development of entire quarters which can include residential and office areas as well as hotels and outdoor seating of restaurants.  more