LED lamp in a shopping center

From thinking ahead to a change of mind

Especially as a family-owned company, ECE considers the needs of the next generation. Therefore, the company takes responsibility by consistently investing in sustainable future projects. This includes the technical installations but also the responsible use of natural resources, the use of sustainable building material, the use of certified green power and generating electric power from photovoltaic systems - a benefit for man and nature. After all, these investments will not only pay off as far away as in the future. They reduce CO2 emissions and ancillary costs already today.

OLED and LED Technology

OLEDs and LEDs are the illuminants of choice for ECE's lighting designers when they design the basic and the facade lighting of new and refurbished properties to supplement existing daylight systems. The technology does not only reduce the use of electric power but also maintenance costs and the number of illuminants to be disposed of. And we are saving electricity in our parking garages as well:  LED signage has been installed in more than 60 parking garages; at 24 of them, the all existing illuminants have been replaced by LEDs. 


With a total of more than 80 certificates meeting standards of the German Association for Sustainable Building (DGNB – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method), ECE is the leading the way, when it comes to most certifications of shopping centers and other complex properties in Germany; showing again a commitment to sustainable building. The DGNB certification is considered one of the most demanding worldwide. Since 2014, ECE has been also conducting assessments according to BREEAM standards at its existing commercial properties.

DGNB Certificate

DGNB Certificate

On top of the huge number of certified shopping centers and special-purpose projects ECE has been holding a DGNB certificate that honors the processes and structures required for a sustainable operation of shopping centers since 2016. This certificate guarantees every center at least a DGNB silver certificate if it seeks certification. In addition, it is an important basis for future DGNB certifications and reduces expenses as well as costs for individual certifications. 

Sustainability Advisory Board

ECE's Sustainability Advisory Board, the first of its kind in a company in the retail industry, consists of five experts from science, business and politics. It supports the Management Board and the Sustainability Team by engaging in a critical and constructive exchange with them. Its members are Andreas Wente (former CEO of Philips Deutschland GmbH), Ole von Beust (former First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg), Arved Fuchs (polar researcher), Prof. Dr. Kunibert Lennerts (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and Bärbel Schomberg (real estate expert).

Environmentally-friendly Traveling

ECE has already installed more than 150 charging stations at its centers for electric vehicles. This is part of the company's ambition to support intelligent mobility concepts which include charging stations for e-bikes, specific parking spaces for users of car2go vehicles and Europe's first ever electric car-sharing street in the Potsdamer Platz district of Berlin. Low CO2 emissions are also considered when planning business trips and or selecting company cars.

Certified Green Energy

ECE has been using renewable energy sources in its company headquarters and many shopping centers already since 2005. This has reduced CO² emissions by 149,000 tons every year. Photovoltaic panels, which have been installed at some centers and at headquarters, also help to reduce emissions.

Online Database

Online Database

An Online Database provides consumption and sustainability figures for ECE centers in Germany anytime, anywhere. It will make sustainability reporting more transparent, efficient, and comply with international standards. The validated data enables benchmarks and can be used for energy certificates and certifications of existing properties. Investors also benefit from a brief and easy overview.

Sustainability Report and Manuals

The Sustainability Report, which is published every two years, is an important element of ECE's communication with its partners. For more than one decade, it has been a crucial source of information on the development of sustainability in the company. More than 50 years of experience is a lot of experience in the use of non-renewable resources. This has been documented in comprehensive Sustainability Manuals for new and for existing properties, which serve as reference books for architects, engineers, project managers and center operators.

Sustainability Team

The interdisciplinary Sustainability Team comprises 13 members from all eight divisions of ECE. The team, which was installed in 2007, makes suggestions for new measures, observes the market, gives tips to the divisions, and develops recommendations for the Management Board. In addition, its members engage in a regular exchange with representatives from politics and associations.

Sustainability Forum

ECE’s Sustainability Forum brings together engineering professionals, construction managers, and sustainability coordinators from the retail industry on a regular basis to exchange know-how and develop common strategies. This workshop was established in 2013 and was held for the seventh time in November 2018.