Employee in a conference

Expect and encourage

Trainee or experienced manager: ECE helps every employee to reach his full potential and to increase it. This is made possible through excellent support and training programs, cooperations with universities and a culture of involvement. And it works: Employees become experts and team players, who strive to find innovative solutions together.

Distinguished Talent Programs

From its beginnings, ECE has been supporting young talents and provides young professionals an attractive and diverse training program. Whether it is an apprenticeship, a dual university course or traineeships – ECE offers excellent employee development opportunities and great perspectives for young employees in the company.

Cooperations with Universities

ECE supports various dual university courses: prospective Center Managers can enroll at the University of Applied Sciences (EUFH) in Hamburg, prospective Leasing Managers at the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) and IT Business Engineers can study at Nordakademie Elmshorn. These cooperations offer students an excellent combination of theory and practice. Furthermore, ECE supports talented students through a cooperation with the International Real Estate Business School (IREBS) at Regensburg University, European Business School (EBS), Bucerius Law School in Hamburg and the “Junge Akademie” of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

Portfolio Team

The management team of the centers relies on interdepartmental collaboration every day: Center, Leasing and Asset Managers form Portfolio Teams that help optimizing communications and combine competencies in one place. The quality of their work and their collaboration contribute hugely to the success of the shopping center.

Job and Family

Being a family-managed company, supporting individual ways of living is at the heart of ECE's operations. Thus, to balance career and family, ECE offers its employees flexible working times, working-at-home schemes, a parent-child office and a childcare allowance. Furthermore, the company allows for mobile working, part-time and job-sharing models, also for employees in managerial positions. In 2016, ECE successfully passed the audit of “berufundfamilie” for the second time.

In-house Academies

At ECE, employees are trained with a foresight into the future. For example, a Center Manager has to attend an Academy course for three years and several professional stages at several shopping centers to gain sufficient experience for his job. Only then, he will be entrusted with the sole responsibility for an ECE shopping center. There are further training academies for Leasing Managers and for Asset Managers.


ECE pursues an equal opportunity approach for men and women in the company with programs like “Compass”, which was initiated in 2012. This 12-month mentoring program aims on supporting women in executive positions – and with some success: 27% of executive positions are held by women. The most important aspects of “Compass” are the regular meetings of the mentees with their mentors. In 2015, ECE was honored with the “Helga-Stödter-Preis” for its commitment to promote women in executive positions.

“Exploring ExCEllence”

The high-potential program for selected employees, “Exploring ExCEllence”, prepares experts and executives for top management positions and teaches them how to lead ECE into a successful future and how to support partners efficiently. The participants will be selected by the Management Board and the directors. During the 12-month program, they can demonstrate their potential and find out whether they can cope with management requirements.

Leadership Curriculum

In the Leadership Curriculum, new ECE executives learn important aspects of effective leadership. The seminars help them prepare for leadership tasks and ensure a comprehensive understanding of ECE’s leadership approach. 170 employees participated since it starts 2012.