ECE employs specialists with in-depth knowledge of the retail trade and all related "disciplines" and pools this wide-ranging expertise under one roof. Our full-service concept extends from the original idea right through to long-term management. Our credo: a full range of services from a single provider who takes overall responsibility as opposed to a "coordinator". This expertise is underpinned by several decades of experience in the sector as well as the financial strength of the ECE Group and enables us to cater to the full range of needs and requirements of our clients.

Headquarter of ThyssenKrupp Quartier in Essen

General planning

The planning of a large real estate property is a highly complex task and requires a high planning ability potential especially regarding the ever-increasing demands to modern architecture, profitability, and sustainability. more

Hermes Distribution-HUB, Friedewald, photo by Urheber unbekannt

General contracting

ECE offers an all-in-one service for clients from all industries who wish to realize a large property: from finding a location, project development, the project management, and the general planning to leasing and selling the property to an appropriate investor. more

Thier-Galerie Dortmund, interior view


The architecture of the planned and realized properties has been ECE's factor of success for over 50 years. Since the company's founding, it has been important at ECE to develop own skills in architecture and design and to acquire a high level of competence. more

Baustelle des Milaneo Stuttgart

Construction management

The European construction market is extremely complex and subject to constant changes. Again and again it is a particular challenge to accurately predict the investment volume for refurbishment or new constructions of large-scale projects at a very early point in time. ECE's Construction Management masters this challenge in a unique way. more

Project development

Project development

Many services ECE start long before the planning and realization phases. Experts for concept design, urban planning, market research, site analysis, general site matters, property and building law, transport matters and site development work hand in hand and in close cooperation with the municipalities to ensure the future success of the property and its neighborhood. more

Project management

Project management

The project management of ECE is the economic backbone and accompanies the entire planning and construction process. It keeps an eye on the budget and the deadlines and ensures the transparency of all processes. more

Marketing and sales

Marketing & sales

In order to determine the value and the expected return of a real estate property, it is crucial to consider the entire life cycle of a property and to develop a specific sales strategy with regard to the advantages and the USP of a project. more

Stadtgalerie Heilbronn, interior view


Modern leasing and occupancy concepts ECE does not only provide leasing services for its own shopping centers. This service is also offered to other investors or owners of shopping properties. more

Hamburger Meile Hamburg, exterior view


Constant modernization, adjustments, and extensions of shopping centers are part of the daily routine to an experience shopping center operator such as ECE.  Only shopping centers which keep pace with the times are will be successful in the long run.  Therefore, ECE revitalizes its shopping galleries at regular intervals and also offers this service to third parties. more

Center Management team of Ettlinger Tor, Karlsruhe

Center management

ECE has been managing large commercial properties for decades. As European market leader the company sets new standards in the center management and has a unique know-how of operating and marketing shopping centers.  ECE experts do not only take over management assignment for company properties but also for third parties. more

Master planning

A professional masterplan sets the course for the future and long-term development of a location. Location and efficient processes are crucial competitive factors for companies.  ECE advises its clients on how add a competitive edge to their commercial property. more

Alexander Otto, CEO of ECE

The Otto family as investor

ECE does not own any centers, but the Otto family is active as an investor either through its Family Office or via third parties. Own developments are thus realized based on the group’s financial power, centers are acquired or kept in the portfolio via the ECE Fund or the Family Office. more