Architecture at ECE is creativity with an edge

The architecture of the planned and realized properties has been ECE's factor of success for over 50 years. Since the company's founding, it has been important at ECE to develop own skills in architecture and design and to acquire a high level of competence. These are important factors for the successful development and the operation of shopping centers and other large-scale properties. 

Today, ECE has a competent planning office with a highly specialized staff and process structure in order to ensure highest quality for the final product according to the planning requirements. The in-house team comprises specialists with experience in all design stages and due to the wide range of different real estate types and complex tasks provides excellent training opportunities for specialists junior employees.

International network

We cooperate with a network of international architects and designers, who support our teams with their expert knowledge on special technologies, design styles and local requirements.
Our architects and engineers give their best to make visions come true. Thereby, we focus particularly on uniqueness and quality. It is always about designing a tailor-made product that has to meet diversified requirements. We are a comprehensive service provider for design and technology for all real estate products with special expertise in the development and modernization of retail real estate.

For ECE's architect the focus of their work is to link the characteristics of a location with the special requirements of the project in an individual design. The target is to create the future property a unique identity.

The definition of the product as clear building concept is crucial to the concept design. During this phase we achieve the highest value level. Here, the product-relevant decisions make the difference between an average project and a very successful ECE project.

Services in detail:

  • Location analysis
  • Storybook – development of a vision
  • Tailor-made functional planning
  • Cooperation based on partnership with municipalities and authorities
  • Unique facade design, e.g. by cooperating with renowned architectural offices Consideration of aspects of monumental protection
  • Landscape planning
  • Sustainability check
  • Shop design

We create a secure framework for highly complex real estate

As general planners, ECE's architects can take over the complete package of services from the first idea sketch up to execution planning. They benefit of the technical know-how of the experienced in-house team of architects, interior designers and engineers. The experts draw up all structural designs, building services designs, fire protection designs and special illumination designs. Based on the management of the experts e.g. for monument preservation, environmental compatibility and emission control we achieve optimal results when applying for the building permit. Our planning product creates the basis for the awarding of construction contracts at optimized values. Value engineering as well as space and yield-efficient functional planning ensure maximum creation of value. Furthermore, the architects and engineers are also available as contact persons for ECE's rental partners. They offer advice for retailers and office tenants with regard to the design of the single units and support them in the processing of their building applications.

Planning in detail:

  • Space-efficient functional planning
  • Execution planning
  • Building applications
  • Leading detail planning
  • Special illumination
  • Facade planning
  • Authority management
  • Value engineering
  • Structural design
  • Building services
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Traffic planning
  • Fire protection
  • Monument protection
  • Environmental compatibility processes
  • Emission reports

Construction Management

Attractive public spaces are a city's flagship. They are places for all townspeople and visitors and fulfil different functions and roles in the downtown context. Everywhere where public space is re-planned, architects, developers and investors bear special responsibility.

ECE is aware of this fact and develops individual solutions for each location in close cooperation with the municipalities.

We create compact, individual, economic projects with different uses on behalf of public and private clients. We design sustainable and livable public spaces.
ECE is dedicated to the cities in the long term and with a holistic approach with regard to project and urban development. Thereby, ECE specialists take great care to respond to the needs of the people living in the catchment area, to take into consideration the interests of their business partners and to merge all components necessary for an effective public planning and successful private-sector development.

Single services overview:

  • Quarter planning
  • Master planning with regard to district, overall city and region
  • Retail quarters
  • Integrated retail development in city centers
  • Public community planning processes
  • Mixed use concepts
  • Urban revitalization of city centers, pedestrian zones and industrial wasteland
  • Framework for new city centers
  • Traffic planning



Shopping centers

Interior and light design are fundamental factors for the atmosphere in our shopping centers. Good centers are increasingly becoming "third places" with leisure activities as main topic instead of shopping. An especially oriented mall design combines functional spacial concepts with architectonic highlights and atmospheric light scenes.  Just as the market place used to be, the food court with a wide range of gastronomy offers is now the center of the colorful hustle and creates a great atmosphere. Inspiring worlds of experience, innovative events and campaigns, unique store designs, emotionally charged branding and graphics contribute as feature of recognition to a sense of well-being.

Office real estate

When realizing commercial properties, for ECE it is a matter of course to focus on the users' needs and desires right from the beginning. This is particularly true for the interior design of an office building. The modern society with its demands for globalization and individualism require working environments that particularly take into account the requirements for speed of action, flexibility and creativity. Called for are office concepts that accelerate the in-house processes and the exchange of information and that help increase the personal development of the employees and the identification with the own company.

Services in detail:

  • Mall interior design
  • Food court design
  • Graphic design
  • Light concept
  • Daylight simulation
  • Mall furniture
  • Spatial planning for office properties
  • Lobby design
  • Concept and location-related color and pattern selection

Apart from interesting architectonic and functional building planning, ECE attaches great importance to attractive external spaces. The modern design of free spaces with individual and innovative landscape design, illumination and furniture is highly relevant for the quality of a place. In particular in refurbishment and restructuring projects an optimization of the property can be achieved with simple means in order to win new rental partners and customers. ECE's creative teams cooperate with renowned artists and designers.

Services in detail:

  • Free space design, landscape planning, urban planning
  • Lighting and furniture
  • Traffic planning
  • Signage, graphic design
  • Color and pattern selection

Our contribution to sustainability and life cycle management

ECE runs a special technical competence center which integrates advanced technologies in the building planning. It develops, plans, and realizes innovative, sustainable and economic systems based on product definitions and their integrated planning. The competences are rounded off with life cycle management in the portfolio.

Concepts, planning and construction for technical building services and property development:

  • Technical due diligence
  • Sustainable energy and environmental concepts
  • Investment and ancillary costs-efficient interpretation / planning of technical systems
  • Technical implementation of personal protection and fire protection concepts
  • Technical design of atmosphere

Light design

  • Computer-aided daylight calculations
  • Energy-efficient artificial mall light design
  • Architectonic facade lighting

Sustainability and certification

  • Sustainability concepts for user-friendly and environmentally compatible architecture
  • Organization of project / property certification according to all national and international certification systems