Construction management

Firmly focused on all goals

The European construction market is extremely complex and subject to constant changes. Again and again it is a particular challenge to accurately predict the investment volume for refurbishment or new constructions of large-scale projects at a very early point in time. ECE's Construction Management masters this challenge in a unique way. We manage a permanent planning and construction volume of around 4 billion euros. Across decades we have gained and pooled experience in this market. This makes us experts in the processing of large-scale construction projects.

We know the solution

We select the appropriate process for your project – whether the contracts are awarded individually or to general contractors, the process is realized in a team or the guaranteed maximum price method is used. By taking into consideration the project specifics and your requirements, we select and realize the appropriate awarding model. With our great network in the European markets ECE's experts will find the right partners for you.

Single services overview

  • Technical and commercial project management
  • Selection of type of awarding
  • Construction site logistics
  • Tendering and preparation of the awarding
  • Property monitoring
  • Property management
  • Acceptance
  • Controlling and consulting services

Project overview