Marketing & sales

Positioning commercial properties successfully in the market

In order to determine the value and the expected return of a real estate property, it is crucial to consider the entire life cycle of a property and to develop a specific sales strategy with regard to the advantages and the USP of a project.

Marketing & sales with long-time know-how

Assessing and adjusting the performance

The ECE experts are specialized to act on changes and requirements on the market and to assess and adjust the performance of a property. In doing so, they not only draw on theoretical know-how but apply the know-how gained in decades of developing and operating management properties.

ECE offers the following services in the course of the selling process:

  • Assessing the legitimacy of existing site details
  • Analyzing the projected rent levels with regard to their long-term development
  • Determining the value-increase potential (e.g. by restructuring or extension; new leasing concept, sustainability certification)
  • Compiling all relevant documents and data in a specific data room (due diligence to determine the value of a property)
  • Performing a value assessment process with regard to current market values.