Expert master planning – which lets you remain flexible

A professional masterplan sets the course for the future and long-term development of a location. Location and efficient processes are crucial competitive factors for companies.  ECE advises its clients on how add a competitive edge to their commercial property.

Designing a customized masterplan

ECE experts design a masterplan with the customers for an existing site or a new location to be prepared for all feasible future scenarios,

  • which considers the intention of the company to keep growing
  • which also offers solutions in case the site will not be needed entirely or partially,
  • which contributes to the success of the core business by improving the processes
  • which reduces operating costs and sustainably increases the value of the property at the same time.

Aligning interests of the property users and investors

ECE combines the perceptions of the user and the investors to one perspective in a unique way – because the company knows both sides well from first-hand experience.