Refurbishment by ECE

Constant modernization, adjustments, and extensions of shopping centers are part of the daily routine to an experience shopping center operator such as ECE.  Only shopping centers which keep pace with the times are will be successful in the long run.  Therefore, ECE revitalizes its shopping galleries at regular intervals and also offers this service to third parties.

You would like to revitalize your property

Did the fascination for your shopping center decrease due to the leaving of a major tenant? Did missed opportunities lead to an investment backlog and to a high demand for revitalization?  Do complicated ownership structures or the lack of know-how hamper essential modernization? ECE will get your shopping property back on the track to success because revitalizations are one of our core competencies.

Depending on the situation on site, ECE offers all types of refurbishments:

  • Extensive modernization
  • Takeover of Management
  • Extension
  • Conversion of large areas
  • Refurbishment of complex projects

In doing so, the ECE'S motto is "everything from one single source":

  • Market analysis by in-house research department
  • Experience in re-development and re-branding
  • Development strength when applying for building permits
  • Design-to-cost by in-house architects
  • Reaping the benefits of longstanding cooperation with international retailers and development of a location-specific branch and tenant mix
  • Optimization of ancillary costs and exploitation of mall marketing synergies
  • Expertise in all areas of financing
  • Professional project management
  • Construction work while properties remain open for business
  • Professional center management