Barrier-free access – more comfort for everyone

The foresighted and sustainable planning of shopping centers also takes into consideration the accessibility issue. Thereby, ECE pursues the goal to keep their centers mostly free of barriers in order to also offer people with limited mobility or handicaps unlimited shopping facilities and experiences. Our shopping centers are vibrant meeting places for all people – men and women, older and younger people with more or less or without handicaps, with or without kids. This is why we want to facilitate the independent usage of and participation in our shopping centers for everyone. This includes the accessibility and usability of the buildings and the infrastructure as well as the accessibility of services, communication facilities and sources of information.

In the shopping galleries developed by ECE numerous aspects are taken into consideration right from the beginning allowing barrier-free access and usability of our centers. With regard to the shopping centers taken over by ECE and some older buildings in the portfolio, the company intends to step by step adopt construction and infrastructure-related measures in the course of the optimization and restructuring thus ensuring better accessibility to the centers.

An in-house expert makes sure that the regional building regulations are adhered to with regard to barrier-free access and checks whether the requirements defined in the planning were met.

Implementation in the centers

  • Barrier-free access to the building and the shops
  • Wide entrance doors, partially with automatic door opening mechanism
  • Wider parking spaces for handicapped people, women; partially also family parking spaces
  • Light situation allows safe access, incl. access to parking spaces
  • Easy-to-read signage, also from a distance and in dark conditions (also applies to parking spaces)
  • Non-slip staircases with stable handrails
  • Central location of the customer information desk with contact person
  • Clearly visible signage with easy-to-understand pictograms
  • Seats and rest areas
  • Barrier-free customer toilets
  • Baby changing rooms and partially quiet rooms for mothers with babies
  • Low-speed escalators / moving walkways
  • Wide lifts allowing the usage with strollers, wheelchairs or wheeled walkers
  • Lifts with optimized keyboard for visually and physically handicapped people with large mirrors providing assistance when getting out of the wheelchair