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Energy refurbishment roadmap

As ECE, we do not want to focus on a few "best in class" properties, but to put the entire portfolio on a climate path towards climate neutrality - already by 2045. Together with the University of Dresden, we have drawn up an energy refurbishment roadmap in a pilot project using the Alstertal-Einkaufszentrum (AEZ) in Hamburg as an example. The results showed that shopping centers can become climate-neutral by 2045 - we know how to do it.

Uli Schmitz, ECE Marketplaces

"To achieve the climate targets and meet the political requirements, we need a plan. A roadmap for the future. Measures that position real estate sustainably for the future, show investments transparently and help make long-term decisions.

We have a plan."

Maintaining value through climate neutrality

Energy-efficient refurbishment of existing buildings is still voluntary, but legislators in Europe and Germany are beginning to define requirements to boost refurbishment. Pressure on "older" properties is not only coming from the regulator, however. Many market players are already jumping on the bandwagon, too. Increasing regulation of existing properties can lead to a loss of value. Market participants and regulators speak of "stranded assets" in this context. New standards such as CRREM (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor) or Taxonomy (criteria for verifying sustainability from the Sustainable Finace Act of the EU) provide more transparency.

Pressure to act increases

  • Pressure from the legislator
  • Pressure from the market
  • Stranded asset risk factor
  • New standards ensure transparency

Early action ensures advantages

  • Leads to financial predictability
  • Secures current subsidies at interesting conditions
  • Prevents the risk of loss of value (stranded asset)
  • Enables all parties involved to act with long-term certainty

We are the best partner

1. We can complexity

  • In-depth, long-standing market knowledge in the shopping center asset class
  • We offer all measures from a single source

2. we offer customized financing

  • Allocability of specific measures
  • Cash flow plan precisely matching the asses strategy
  • Minimization of investment costs through sound knowledge of possible subsidies

3. renting is our business

  • We know the leases and what needs to be adjusted and when in order to improve the energy efficiency of the property.

4. our teams are experienced

  • Our architects and engineers can implement developed measures directly
  • Measures are evaluated holistically in a network
  • Energy dependencies are recognized and taken into account

5. we help shape climate policy

  • We are active in the leading associations of the real estate industry
  • We know the challenges of energetic refurbishment and bring them in directly (subsidies/balancing limits)

Our offer for the path to climate neutrality

  • 3D modeling of the energy inventory, milestone and target situation with innovative simulation software
  • Elaboration of measures and their impact on the tenants' energy balance and ancillary costs
  • Tailor-made refurbishment plan including investment costs along a property-specific time axis
  • Validation of investments for funding opportunities, apportionability and feasibility in line with long-term planning and their financial impact on the center's performance.
  • Presentation of measures and their positive impact in the CRREM tool and in comparison to the baseline CRREM value
  • Clear roadmap for phased achievement of carbon neutrality, sales-optimized asset