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Employees & Social Commitment

Social sustainability is lived practice at ECE. Sustainability has many facets and, in addition to ecological issues, includes social aspects such as diversity management, equal opportunities, health management and social commitment.

Unsere Verpflichtung

Family business

Since its foundation by the mail order pioneer Werner Otto in 1965, ECE has been wholly owned by the Otto family to this day. As an owner-managed family company, we are able to act and manage independently and with a long-term approach - an essential basis for continued corporate success and sustainable customer relationships.

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Working at ECE

Challenging tasks, appreciative cooperation, genuine teamwork and great commitment characterize working at ECE. With numerous benefits and offers, we as a family-owned company support the compatibility of the job with different phases of life and individual interests of our employees. In addition, we have developed a diversity strategy, provide our employees with ergonomic workplaces, have a sports field for employees at the ECE campus, offer the JobRad program, expand the health days for our staff, and promote the social commitment of our employees.

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As a family-owned company, we support the compatibility of work with different phases of life and the individual interests of our employees with numerous benefits and offers. A good work-life balance for employees is essential for us. We offer consulting and placement services for childcare and relatives in need of care, as well as support from the pme family service.

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Social commitment

We do good out of conviction: ECE and its CEO Alexander Otto are committed to society in many ways through various foundations. The focus of the commitment is on projects and initiatives in the fields of sports, education, culture, health and urban development. In addition to supporting many small projects that benefit children, athletes or the disabled, for example, Alexander Otto's civic involvement also includes targeted support for lighthouse projects such as the modernization of the Hamburger Kunsthalle or the tennis stadium at Hamburg's Rothenbaum. Regardless of size, every single project is important - always with the aim of giving something back to society.

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Modern working environments

Co-working, hybrid working, location-independent exchange: our collaboration has changed a lot in recent years. To promote flexibility and exchange at the Hamburg ECE Campus, we have created co-working spaces for all colleagues with their different communication needs. Here they can come together in a casual setting, exchange ideas or show presentations. The focus is on collaboration, for example for the joint development of topics or a creative exchange. But the areas also have their own areas for quiet, concentrated work.

We support committed employees

With the internal competition "You and your honorary office", ECE supports the many employees who do voluntary work for a non-profit association, organization or institution. Up to five ambassadors* will be selected. They can each present 1,000 euros for their project.
Since 2009, ECE has organized blood donation campaigns on the Hamburg ECE campus in cooperation with various local organizations and since 2013 with the German Red Cross. Well over 1,000 colleagues have participated in the campaigns in the past years and donated more than 500,000 ml of blood.