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Sustainability – a holistic approach at ECE

Sustainability has always been an integral component of ECE's company philosophy.  The company focuses not on the short-term profit but rather on a long-term approach to remain competitive in the long run.

We define sustainability holistically based on these considerations. We equally value the environmental, social, and economic dimension in our every-day work.

ECE headquarter, exterior view

Sustainability strategy

We don’t just pay lip service to sustainability. It is consistently implemented into the daily business operations.  Firmly rooted sustainability structures and tools facilitate the further development of our sustainability policy. more

Electric car at an ev charging station at Alstertal-Einkaufszentrum Hamburg

Sustainability in practice

Our approach has always been as follows: How can properties be planned, realized and operated  in a way that they have a long-term positive impact on their environment and the unwanted impact can be reduced at the same time? This means hard work on details for ECE. more

ECE's Stustainability Reports

The Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report is an integral part of the communication with the partners of ECE. It provides information about the progress of the sustainability measures and the further sustainable development of the company. The Sustainability Report is published in a two-year interval.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Advisory Board

Sustainability Advisory Board

You can advance further only if you allow stimuli from outside.  As the European market leader in the shopping center industry, we deliberately chose to establish an external Sustainability Advisory Board and pioneered in implementing an important principle of the ZIA sustainability code for the property sector. more