Sustainability in practice

ECE aims to achieve various sustainability objectives: a considerate use of building land, re-use of areas, durable and flexible use of the building, seamless modification and demolition, if necessary, the use of environmentally-friendly and health-friendly substrates and material, a comprehensive materials management, and an efficient use of energy. Realising these objectives means hard work in detail. The persons responsible for sustainability have already launched a number of measures. Other matters still need to be improved. ECE endeavors to operate more sustainably and more environmentally friendly.

Sustainability Manuals

Sustainability manuals

50 years’ worth experience in the use of exhaustible resources gained by ECE in the realization of shopping centers is incorporated and complemented in the sustainability manuals of ECE. The manuals are available to everyone who is interested. more

E-Tankstelle mit Ole von Beust und Alexander Otto

Protection of resources

With its various measures, ECE aims to facilitate a sustainable environmental management and climate protection – from green energy to new lighting concepts and e-mobility. more



Lasting economic success can only be achieved if a company equally accepts the ecological and social challenges and takes responsibility.  Certification systems help to verify the application of such principles with measurable criteria and certificates showcase the respective success. more