Focusing on saving resources

Long before the topic of CO2 reduction hit the headlines, ECE had made the saving of energy one of its most important objectives.  Saving costs and energy for light and air conditioning in our shopping galleries are our paramount questions. The heat production constitutes only 20 to 30% of the overall energy consumption of a shopping center.  The remaining energy is used for ventilation, cooling, and light.

By pursing various strategies, ECE aims to facilitate a sustainable environmental management and climate protection.

Since 2008, ECE has been purchasing the required electricity for the operation of its shopping centers in Germany from verified providers who generate the energy from renewable resources.

  • Use of green energy in all German centers, the headquarters in Hamburg, and the EV charging stations
  • CO2 emissions are reduced by 149,000 tons per year.

There are many areas in a shopping center which cannot be supplied by sunlight and need to be illuminated artificially. The required energy is considerable. Therefore, ECE continuously thrives to increase energy efficiency and to save energy by using new technologies.

  • The use of energy in new centers was reduced by 20% on average by installing state-of-the-art illuminations.
  • A lighting manual helps to optimize the energy use of tenants.
  • A new LED illuminant is developed in cooperation with Philips
  • Setting up a research alley in the mall (AEZ) to test the new technology.
  • Testing solar illuminants for the parking garages
  • Developing various daylight simulators to create a more comfortable atmosphere and to save energy.

Electric cars fueled with green energy do not generate any CO² and thus contribute considerably to the protection of the environment. Therefore, it is important to support them and to facilitate the access of ordinary citizens to them. In a first step, it is crucial to integrate the cars and the necessary ev charging stations into the cityscape. ECE also supports this objective by making available areas for ev charging stations in the parking garages of its shopping centers where electric vehicles of any type can be re-charged.


Emission-free re-fueling at an ev charging station

  • in Berlin (Potsdamer Platz Arkaden, East Gate, Ring Center, and Gesundbrunnen Center)
  • in Hamburg (Alstertal Einkaufszentrum, Europa Passage, Elbe-Einkaufszentrum and Billstedt-Center)
  • as well as in the centers MyZeil Frankfurt, Schlosspark-Center Schwerin, Glacis-Galerie Neu-Ulm, Isenburg-Zentrum Neu-Isenburg and Stadt-Galerie Plauen.

Thus, environmentally-conscious customers can re-charge their emission-free vehicles with green energy at the ev charging stations located in the parking garages while shopping.

First e-car sharing street in Europe:

  • at Potsdamer Platz quarter in Berlin
  • 8 charging stations and 16 car2go vehicles.

  • E-bike charging stations:
  • E-Tower charging station at Rheinpark-Center Neuss
  • Charging station at Alstertal-Einkaufszentrum in Hamburg (in planning stage)

  • Apart from implementing these facilities, ECE has supported the development of other new projects:
  • Use of the Mini E as pilot project in the car fleet of ECE Berlin as part of a research project. It aims to test the suitability of electric vehicles for everyday use
  • Audi initiated a test project at Potsdamer Platz Quarter with 25 commuters to gain experience with the new electric car “e-tron”.

ECE supports renewable energies and innovative solutions. For example, large photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof of Ernst-August-Galerie in Hannover, on the newest ECE office building of the ECE headquarters as well as on the roof the DEZ shopping center in Kassel.  Annual carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced considerably by generating sustainable electricity.

We actively promote the gentle use of natural resources with a number of individual measures. More information, for instance on the use of sustainable materials or smart cooling systems, is available in our change-of-mind campaign.

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